Thursday, February 24, 2011

Women: 100 + Life Sdn Bhd; Abuse

I was one of the privileged few to be given invitation to attend the launch of as part of Women: 100 and in conjunction with International Women's Day on 8 March.

Sad to say traffic was not treating me well yesterday for I was stuck in a very bad jam and not helping was the weather decided then to pour down heavily. I missed the launch of!! :(

However, I got the chance to see the theatretical play of "Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse". It was indeed an eye opener for me as I've never attended a theatre play where Performing Art is acted out so clearly in expressions and all. Well musical play is different and this, this is about Life as the title so suggest and the topic of Abuse is not something to be taken off lightly.

From recounted stories from friends who were victims of abuse, we have survivors telling us their story. It's touching and emotional. Tears flowed from the survivors and even those recounting the stories of their friends. At times hearing those stories being retold, it was so real that I actually believed that they were the victims themselves!!

I salute the survivors for being brave to step up and telling us their story. I can see that it's difficult to say out loud what they have went thru, dealing with all those emotional roller coaster inside them. Not every victim is able to lift up their head high up and speak out in such a way.

I'm made more aware of how real these issues are. It's not just reading the headlines day in day out. These issues affects each and everyone of us and we need to be aware of what's right what's wrong and where is the borderline when it comes to abuse.

abuse :
to put to wrong or improper use;
to attack in words; to revile;
to harm or injure by wrong or cruel treatment

Do your part today and raise the awareness!

If you would like to catch Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse, grab your tickets here. The play is running now till 27 Feb.


Merryn said...

Great that you managed to attend this! I did not as William was down with food poisoning.. but I do make him pledge though :D

Kah Lai said...

It's really an eye-opener. Recommended to go if you haven't already.

Ry-Ann said...

wow! You got to attend this event! Amazing! I really wanted to attend this event. Been reading about this.

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