Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunset & New Year Eve Countdown

From Angkor Thom City we headed to Bakheng Hill to view the sunset. Little did we realised that when they mentioned "hill" it is really on top of a hill which we need to track up and tracking up alone takes us 30 mins!!! There were no steps okay, it's really hilly surface.

the crowd tracking up the hill

Off course if you want to pay, then you can hop up onto an ellie and you will arrive ontop of Bakheng Hill in ellie steps :)

When I landed my foot on flat ground at Bakheng Hill and looked up, I saw this......

... and went flabbergasted! OMG, just look at the crowd ON TOP of that ruins!! Scary wei!!! Not only it's crowded but it's steep! How in the world am I gonna climb up there with those crowds. Images of people stepping on my fingers while climbing or worse, accidently pushed me down those steps flashes across my mind!!

But anyhow, I made it up there! :) and then the struggle to find the perfect spot for sunset is a nightmare! When you have adjusted yourself nicely for that *click* moment, a head would just very conveniently pop-up in your frame!! *shoo shoo, get down la people, I want a shot at the sunset!!*

Hubs swallowing the "golden pearl"

The shots taken at Bakheng Hill for sunset definitely turns out nicer compared to those sunrise shots we took at Angkor Wat. Maybe it's the season when we're there. The weather is not at it's peak HOT thus the sunrise is not hot enough to overshadow Angkor Wat for that picture perfect shot!

We started our ascend down but instead of taking the human way down, dunno how we ended up on the ellie's trail. The whole journey is full of ellie's poop and since the sky begins to turn dark and I meant really really dark, it was a tough maneuvering our way down while avoiding poops!! Lots of em!! Luckily enough some kind hearted soul had a torch light behind us and shone on those poops when another kind hearted soul in front shouted "shit! shit!" to warn those at the back hahahaha....

After refreshing ourselves back in the hotel room, we headed again to Pub Street and Old Market area for dinner. Tried out this BBQ stall and their ribs are yummy!!

(L) BBQ ribs and (R) BBQ chicken thighs

I saw a dish named "Morning Glory" and ordered it to try. Little did I know it is our KangKung!!!

Stir fried morning glory

After fulfilling our tummies, we went and tried out the fish spa which is available everywhere. Dirt cheap! USD3 for 30 minutes soak. My 1st time trying it out as well coz kay-el charges are pretty expensive.

We then scouted for a place to countdown, it's New Year's Eve afterall :) 1st countdown we cheers each other when the clock struck 12 for it's our country's New Year. When the time stuck 1am ie. 12 am Cambodian time, we joined the crowd on the street for countdown.

Look at that crowd!
In the midst of the crowd, we got sprinkled by beer! and basically you dont even have to walk, you're squashed!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Siem Reap....

This ends another day, another insufficient sleep night. More sight seeings tomorrow to Bantreay Srei, Kbal Spean, Neak Pean and Preah Khan.


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