Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mama's Trove ~ a re-introduction

I started a blog shoppe few years back. After sometime, I took a short break from it. Little did I realised, that short break extended to over a year!! I've eventually locked down the access to that blog.

Now after reading other mummy bloggers who have such success selling off their pre-loved stuff to make space in their house, I told myself why not I do the same? I've been telling myself to revamp my blog shoppe but never got down to business. Seeing mamapumpkin and shoppinghaunts has inspired me to go clean up and sell off stuff. I do need space, more space as my kids grows up.

This afternoon, I've spent going thru all the kids toys and I've actually got a bagful of items up for sale. Next step now is to snap a picture of it and post it up. I hope my sale goes thru *fingers crossed*. Help me will you if you're reading this to spread the news. My family wouldn't mind the extra $$$ we can get from the sales hahahaha...... Be comforted that all items are in good condition. Besides these pre-loved items which I labelled as "rummage sales", there will be others stuff for sale as well. Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts *muacks*

I've started to revamp the site and it's still work in progress. Slowly but surely I will add this change this and that here and there. But for now, I'm quite pleased with how it look.

Check out my shoppe here --> Mama's Trove

Do follow me on twitter as well for sales post updates :)

- xoxo -


Soulie said...

yay it's open! i might be one of the customer ;) keep on posting

Kah Lai said...

a very good idea! wish you good good business :)

life-muses said...

will do will do, thank you and please check back mama's trove often. best follow me (mamastrove)on twitter! :)

winnie mak said...

poor caden n more old toys to play

life-muses said...

@winnie - you know the saying old dont go, new wont come :p

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