Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It has bloom-ed

Yesterday night my mum told me that the one and only plant we had outside the verandah/balcony bloomed flower.

I was shock! for I didnt know that this type of plant will produced any flowers!

So this morning before leaving for work, I went and had a peek and snap this shot. It's buried in between the leaves and on surface look you can't spot it. You have to push all those branches and leaves away to see it :)

Come, let you have a look at it.......

So upon first look, what cross your mind? Now now don't be so dirty minded eh hahahaha..... It's a really pretty thing and my mum told me there's another one but I'm rushing so didnt bother to go and find the other pretty bloom.

Actually the more I look at it, the more it resemble something kakakakakaa..... :p


Merryn said...

waiseh!!!!!! I likey this type of plant! or shud i say bloom? :D

Treasure-Fun said...

How come I did not know about this !!! Blooming ... meaning good sign !!! haha ...

winnie mak said...

if got chances,i hope can c it real, can u bring to office for us to have a view? hehehe

Pris said... looks like a banana, after u peel the skin off :p What's this plant called?

life-muses said...

@winnie - how to bring to office, you should come and visit me at home!!

@pris - i dunno what's the name. usually it's just leaves thus i was surprised when my mum told me there's "flower" @-@

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