Monday, February 21, 2011

If you have nothing nice to comment, just hold your tongue!

As much as I like receiving comments in either my blog or FB, I do not appreciate receiving degradatory remarks.

So you see my Monday ended in a very pissed off manner. I don't use the "F" word, so my version is What the HECK!! I was NOT happy reading the comment I got from a friend of mine (1st comment). A good colleague of mine counter "attack" that comment (2nd comment).

Back home, I deleted both their comments and gave a direct message to this friend of mine to NOT comment such stuff in my FB postings.

I dont know about you but that comment really irk-ed the life out of me. What do you mean better go do some Community Service? Set-up Double C watever Club!!

Online selling and the blogging world as big as it may sound is quite a close tight community. Mother's be it SAHM or Working Mum blogs and sells stuff new or pre-loved. Some are selling as their major source of income and some as side pocket money! I mean why not sell off stuff that are in good condition irregardless how high or low the price is? It IS a source of income!!

Besides, there are mothers that DOES Community Service as well as SELL stuff! So what's your problem? Some people are not that rich as to own everything brand new. Heck, some people purposely look for pre-loved items!

I'm only from a working class family. I don't own anything fancy nor expensive that put me into the category of the rich and famous. This blog shoppe of mind is just merely for me to post up stuff new or pre-loved and if it interests you, then good I have a prospective buyer. At the same time I make some pocket money.


Ironically, I received another comment in this blog of mine when I re-introduced Mama's Trove. This comment is an encouraging one and I thank you both my colleague and my cousin for the words of encouragement. You know who you are. Thank you!!

Pretty funny when I have cooled down and think back. It was just a matter of 1-1.5 hours apart that I received such conflicting comments. One negative and two positive. So yay! positive wins!!

** I reserved all rights on my personal comments in this post and blog as it is MY blog!!


Treasure-Fun said...

I guess she don't know how to differentiate the joke and serious stuffs ...

alamanda said...

hi .. you know what i read ur post ... if u ask me , i'd tell you you're doing fine ....... keep it up ya .. so is this the third positive post ?

Kah Lai said...

be positive and dun be affected by these negative comments. congrats on your re-intro of mama's trive!

life-muses said...

thank you all for the positive and encouragement comments! :)

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