Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hip Hop comes the Lion!

As in year in year out, Cavan is totally fascinated by Lion Dance. He will not move nor go away if the performance is not over. This year is just the same except that we didnt catch a lot of lion dance performance at the malls.

Nevertheless, he enjoys playing with the 2 Lion Heads given by my late 3rd aunt. It's rather difficult to keep those heads away once they are out in our house for he will go on and on and on pestering you to be the lion's tail, or beating the drum or clashing the symbals! After awhile, your ear drums are going *boink boink boink* from those drummings or clashings and worse is you are the tail and you're back is gonna hurt like hell! Nope, you wont have a chance becoming the lion's head!!

Not only that, my boy will want to own the lion's shoes with those feathers and all, the trousers, requesting us to buy those stilts that they jump on. Faint lah I tell you for his play pretend has to be that real!

This year we got ourselves nicknames from him and he call us by that!

Lion - Cavan (the Head)
Lion - Daddy (the Tail)
Drum - Mummy (me!!)
Cymbals - lil brother
Human - pohpoh (the spectator!!) hahahaha......

He wants us to be the lion's troupe and told daddy to get a lorry set with those flags somemore!!

Start of the performance, Lion has to be carried coz he wanna jump jump and here the lil brother is enjoying it. Luv tis shot as Caden is laughing happily seeing the show.

Ooh this Lion needs angpow. So to make it more fun, mummy the drum gave lil brother the cymbals a packet of angpow to give to Lion. Ada duit inside okay :p

And in return the Lion gave lil brother an orange. Huat huat together mah! LOL!!

And lil brother not bad, gave mummy the orange. See sharing is caring :)
And where's the other Lion, still at the back lah where else!... If he's not carrying the Lion head up, he needs to scrunch down and dance as the tail! :p

Pity him lah, not easy becoming a lion's tail alrite. So the next time you watch a Lion Dance performance, give your applause to the one at the back!

And here's wishing everyone again a hippity hop hop good fortune year ahead!!


Treasure-Fun said...

wahhhh .... Lion's team.

life-muses said...

yah this one future Lion's troupe in the making hahaha....

Kah Lai said...

wow a lion dance production...keng...clap clapx50. any videos?

life-muses said...

alas i didnt take any videos of them :( you want to join the crew?? :p

winnie mak said...

did caden tell u,"mummy,next time when i grown up,i wanna be real lion dance crew", lol

life-muses said...

@winnie - more like Cavan's statement this one... hahaha

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