Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day today. How are you going to celebrate it with your love one(s)?? Noted the "s" there? for you may want to celebrate it as a family :)

I spent the whole Saturday morning drawing and cutting out these 5 petal flowers. Got the idea in my head but to affirm the correct method, a quick google landed me here and it's perfect so that my idea wont turn out to be a disaster!

From Saturday, the project continued to Sunday as I was alone looking after 2 kids on Saturday and I cant concentrate. Furthermore, have not gotten the chance to go and purchase the lollipops.

It was all cutting and glueing and tying on Sunday and the end result = a HAPPY me! hahahaha.... Just looking at these makes my heart goes a-flutter :p

Here's a shot of a single stem lollipop. Wat-da-ya say, you like it? Happy to receive one?

These are made for Cavan to treat his classmates and wish them all a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope the kids like em! Ooh he's giving to a few of his teachers and *ahem ahem* his previous girlfriends too ~ particularly those name Ashley :) Remember my post about Ashley(s)? Yea, they are in separate classes this year.

I just hope he's brave enough to go over to the class next door and present it to Ashley :) hahahaha....

On another note when I arrived home last Friday night, me and hubs was pleasantly surprised to receive a Valentine's Card from Cavan. Ssswweeeetttt!!

Happy Valentine everyone. We will be celebrating CNY (it's the 12th day today), birthday and Valentine's Day tonight with our usual gang.

Ooh, Lunar New Year celebrating is gonna end and I've not completed my post on my trip to Cambodia. Where have all the time gone too?? Also, mamapumpkin and shoppinghaunts had started to sell off stuff they no longer need to make space in the house. Such an inspiration, why throw away when someone else might need it right? I think I need to start also hahahaha but first I need to revamp my blog shop which I've closed off temporarily.... time ooh time I need you more!!


Merryn said...

Wow wow wow wow at those lollipops! U are one great Mother In Law! LoL! Happy Valentines Day to you Karen :D

dEarDaNieL said...

Happy Valentine. hehehe..where's mine neh?

prince n princess mum said...

Happy V-day!

Kah Lai said...

late thanks better than never :D thanks for the sweet lollipop!

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