Thursday, February 24, 2011

Am I Cruel?

This early morning drama at home front.

Called Cavan up and he jumped right out of bed, literally. Wouldn't it be good if every school morning he does this and not drag himself here and there wasting time to get ready. Why so excited? It's was Field Trip day and he's going to the National Zoo!

But wait hang on there! Drama unfolded when I told him to tuck his shirt in. Looks neater mah, furthermore the t-shirt is rather long so you can imagine if he don't tuck his shirt in. Small matter coz he refused to do so and I just left it as it is. He has started his drama but I just ignored it. Proceeded to prepare his water tumbler and bang bang pow! drama exploded!!

His tantrum got unto a higher tune and he said he don't wait the tumbler I've prepared. Told him that he need to bring a sling see-thru tumbler as per circular but NO, this boy of mine continued to whine and kick and you know all those tantrum behaviour. Been getting this each morning this week from him! Gee what's up with him I wonder??!!!

So okay, still a bit calm I told him tell me which tumbler you want then. But NO he wants to throw full tantrum. Gave him the ultimatum. Shut-up, behave and say what you want. If not you're not going anywhere today. NO Field Trip!! Had enough of this behaviour this past week and you need to learn your lesson! I mean BUSINESS!

Lala here lala there and it's time for me to get out of the house for I myself need to rush to work, get some urgent stuff done so that I can rush home, pick up his brother and bring him to the doctor. Another story this one for he is running high fever since yesterday evening and it's not breaking.

Time's up! and he's not calm yet and still want to continue his drama. So fine, I left the house and walked to the lift. My mum told me he went berserk not seeing me at the entrance when they opened the door. You see, he thought I will just say it but this time I MEANT it. Well I called back home before I step into the lift and both my hub and mother tried to talked some sense into him. We all knew he was really really looking forward to this outing. Heck, I was at one point before I made the decision to leave the house to just tell him go go let's go. Yah yah still got soft spot for I knew he really want to go to the National Zoo with his classmates. But if I say those words, whatever business I meant, the ultimatum and all will be washed down the drain just like that! whoooshhh......

Cut the story short, they managed to calm him down and talked sense to him and I waited at the carpark for him. Yes he did go on his Field Trip at the end :)

So I hope boy you learn your lesson this round. When I say NO I meant it and the next time, you wont be this lucky. I may just drive off and you stay at home and can cry your lungs out!

Me, a cruel mama you can say!

Nolah, me not cruel afterall rite rite rite???


dEarDaNieL said...

wow..your patience level quite high eh. I hope lil Cavan boy learned his lesson and will be good next time.

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