Thursday, February 24, 2011

Women: 100 + Life Sdn Bhd; Abuse

I was one of the privileged few to be given invitation to attend the launch of as part of Women: 100 and in conjunction with International Women's Day on 8 March.

Sad to say traffic was not treating me well yesterday for I was stuck in a very bad jam and not helping was the weather decided then to pour down heavily. I missed the launch of!! :(

However, I got the chance to see the theatretical play of "Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse". It was indeed an eye opener for me as I've never attended a theatre play where Performing Art is acted out so clearly in expressions and all. Well musical play is different and this, this is about Life as the title so suggest and the topic of Abuse is not something to be taken off lightly.

From recounted stories from friends who were victims of abuse, we have survivors telling us their story. It's touching and emotional. Tears flowed from the survivors and even those recounting the stories of their friends. At times hearing those stories being retold, it was so real that I actually believed that they were the victims themselves!!

I salute the survivors for being brave to step up and telling us their story. I can see that it's difficult to say out loud what they have went thru, dealing with all those emotional roller coaster inside them. Not every victim is able to lift up their head high up and speak out in such a way.

I'm made more aware of how real these issues are. It's not just reading the headlines day in day out. These issues affects each and everyone of us and we need to be aware of what's right what's wrong and where is the borderline when it comes to abuse.

abuse :
to put to wrong or improper use;
to attack in words; to revile;
to harm or injure by wrong or cruel treatment

Do your part today and raise the awareness!

If you would like to catch Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse, grab your tickets here. The play is running now till 27 Feb.

Am I Cruel?

This early morning drama at home front.

Called Cavan up and he jumped right out of bed, literally. Wouldn't it be good if every school morning he does this and not drag himself here and there wasting time to get ready. Why so excited? It's was Field Trip day and he's going to the National Zoo!

But wait hang on there! Drama unfolded when I told him to tuck his shirt in. Looks neater mah, furthermore the t-shirt is rather long so you can imagine if he don't tuck his shirt in. Small matter coz he refused to do so and I just left it as it is. He has started his drama but I just ignored it. Proceeded to prepare his water tumbler and bang bang pow! drama exploded!!

His tantrum got unto a higher tune and he said he don't wait the tumbler I've prepared. Told him that he need to bring a sling see-thru tumbler as per circular but NO, this boy of mine continued to whine and kick and you know all those tantrum behaviour. Been getting this each morning this week from him! Gee what's up with him I wonder??!!!

So okay, still a bit calm I told him tell me which tumbler you want then. But NO he wants to throw full tantrum. Gave him the ultimatum. Shut-up, behave and say what you want. If not you're not going anywhere today. NO Field Trip!! Had enough of this behaviour this past week and you need to learn your lesson! I mean BUSINESS!

Lala here lala there and it's time for me to get out of the house for I myself need to rush to work, get some urgent stuff done so that I can rush home, pick up his brother and bring him to the doctor. Another story this one for he is running high fever since yesterday evening and it's not breaking.

Time's up! and he's not calm yet and still want to continue his drama. So fine, I left the house and walked to the lift. My mum told me he went berserk not seeing me at the entrance when they opened the door. You see, he thought I will just say it but this time I MEANT it. Well I called back home before I step into the lift and both my hub and mother tried to talked some sense into him. We all knew he was really really looking forward to this outing. Heck, I was at one point before I made the decision to leave the house to just tell him go go let's go. Yah yah still got soft spot for I knew he really want to go to the National Zoo with his classmates. But if I say those words, whatever business I meant, the ultimatum and all will be washed down the drain just like that! whoooshhh......

Cut the story short, they managed to calm him down and talked sense to him and I waited at the carpark for him. Yes he did go on his Field Trip at the end :)

So I hope boy you learn your lesson this round. When I say NO I meant it and the next time, you wont be this lucky. I may just drive off and you stay at home and can cry your lungs out!

Me, a cruel mama you can say!

Nolah, me not cruel afterall rite rite rite???

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It has bloom-ed

Yesterday night my mum told me that the one and only plant we had outside the verandah/balcony bloomed flower.

I was shock! for I didnt know that this type of plant will produced any flowers!

So this morning before leaving for work, I went and had a peek and snap this shot. It's buried in between the leaves and on surface look you can't spot it. You have to push all those branches and leaves away to see it :)

Come, let you have a look at it.......

So upon first look, what cross your mind? Now now don't be so dirty minded eh hahahaha..... It's a really pretty thing and my mum told me there's another one but I'm rushing so didnt bother to go and find the other pretty bloom.

Actually the more I look at it, the more it resemble something kakakakakaa..... :p

My Pride & Joy!

It's always nice to reach home to a smiling baby (provided he doesn't mess up the whole house as though a war just struck us!!), oooppsss should be toddler coz he's already 17 months old. Big boy dy eh?

He likes to take a cup and placed his bottle inside and drink from it! Beats me why he does that but I would say creative! LOL!!

His current smiling expression for the camera when told to pose/smile for the camera. Kinda scrunching his facial expression up until some asked me why is he sad? Well, I dont see a sad face woh.... but a rather "meen keong" (obligated) look!

Taken yesterday night while the two brothers are playing together. Just luv their happy smiley expression. Ooh I just noticed that big brother Cavan held a very protective embrace of his little brother! Just look at the rather tight grip he had on Caden's shoulder :)

More brotherly pose together. I got to give it to Caden that whenever I asked him to smile for the camera, he's readily smiling and waiting hahahahaha, what a "vain" baby!

Hhmmmm, I find Caden's head the same size as Cavan's head in this shot and they are 4 years apart!!

Add a bit of lomo classic effect and you have a treasured photo! Do you find them alike? Most of my friends say the elder is like the dad and the younger like me :)

And to end a very short update on both of my Prince, a smooch from my lil one to you! *smuck*

** Cavan @ 5 year 3 months old & Caden @ 17 months 11 days old

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hip Hop comes the Lion!

As in year in year out, Cavan is totally fascinated by Lion Dance. He will not move nor go away if the performance is not over. This year is just the same except that we didnt catch a lot of lion dance performance at the malls.

Nevertheless, he enjoys playing with the 2 Lion Heads given by my late 3rd aunt. It's rather difficult to keep those heads away once they are out in our house for he will go on and on and on pestering you to be the lion's tail, or beating the drum or clashing the symbals! After awhile, your ear drums are going *boink boink boink* from those drummings or clashings and worse is you are the tail and you're back is gonna hurt like hell! Nope, you wont have a chance becoming the lion's head!!

Not only that, my boy will want to own the lion's shoes with those feathers and all, the trousers, requesting us to buy those stilts that they jump on. Faint lah I tell you for his play pretend has to be that real!

This year we got ourselves nicknames from him and he call us by that!

Lion - Cavan (the Head)
Lion - Daddy (the Tail)
Drum - Mummy (me!!)
Cymbals - lil brother
Human - pohpoh (the spectator!!) hahahaha......

He wants us to be the lion's troupe and told daddy to get a lorry set with those flags somemore!!

Start of the performance, Lion has to be carried coz he wanna jump jump and here the lil brother is enjoying it. Luv tis shot as Caden is laughing happily seeing the show.

Ooh this Lion needs angpow. So to make it more fun, mummy the drum gave lil brother the cymbals a packet of angpow to give to Lion. Ada duit inside okay :p

And in return the Lion gave lil brother an orange. Huat huat together mah! LOL!!

And lil brother not bad, gave mummy the orange. See sharing is caring :)
And where's the other Lion, still at the back lah where else!... If he's not carrying the Lion head up, he needs to scrunch down and dance as the tail! :p

Pity him lah, not easy becoming a lion's tail alrite. So the next time you watch a Lion Dance performance, give your applause to the one at the back!

And here's wishing everyone again a hippity hop hop good fortune year ahead!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

If you have nothing nice to comment, just hold your tongue!

As much as I like receiving comments in either my blog or FB, I do not appreciate receiving degradatory remarks.

So you see my Monday ended in a very pissed off manner. I don't use the "F" word, so my version is What the HECK!! I was NOT happy reading the comment I got from a friend of mine (1st comment). A good colleague of mine counter "attack" that comment (2nd comment).

Back home, I deleted both their comments and gave a direct message to this friend of mine to NOT comment such stuff in my FB postings.

I dont know about you but that comment really irk-ed the life out of me. What do you mean better go do some Community Service? Set-up Double C watever Club!!

Online selling and the blogging world as big as it may sound is quite a close tight community. Mother's be it SAHM or Working Mum blogs and sells stuff new or pre-loved. Some are selling as their major source of income and some as side pocket money! I mean why not sell off stuff that are in good condition irregardless how high or low the price is? It IS a source of income!!

Besides, there are mothers that DOES Community Service as well as SELL stuff! So what's your problem? Some people are not that rich as to own everything brand new. Heck, some people purposely look for pre-loved items!

I'm only from a working class family. I don't own anything fancy nor expensive that put me into the category of the rich and famous. This blog shoppe of mind is just merely for me to post up stuff new or pre-loved and if it interests you, then good I have a prospective buyer. At the same time I make some pocket money.


Ironically, I received another comment in this blog of mine when I re-introduced Mama's Trove. This comment is an encouraging one and I thank you both my colleague and my cousin for the words of encouragement. You know who you are. Thank you!!

Pretty funny when I have cooled down and think back. It was just a matter of 1-1.5 hours apart that I received such conflicting comments. One negative and two positive. So yay! positive wins!!

** I reserved all rights on my personal comments in this post and blog as it is MY blog!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mama's Trove ~ a re-introduction

I started a blog shoppe few years back. After sometime, I took a short break from it. Little did I realised, that short break extended to over a year!! I've eventually locked down the access to that blog.

Now after reading other mummy bloggers who have such success selling off their pre-loved stuff to make space in their house, I told myself why not I do the same? I've been telling myself to revamp my blog shoppe but never got down to business. Seeing mamapumpkin and shoppinghaunts has inspired me to go clean up and sell off stuff. I do need space, more space as my kids grows up.

This afternoon, I've spent going thru all the kids toys and I've actually got a bagful of items up for sale. Next step now is to snap a picture of it and post it up. I hope my sale goes thru *fingers crossed*. Help me will you if you're reading this to spread the news. My family wouldn't mind the extra $$$ we can get from the sales hahahaha...... Be comforted that all items are in good condition. Besides these pre-loved items which I labelled as "rummage sales", there will be others stuff for sale as well. Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts *muacks*

I've started to revamp the site and it's still work in progress. Slowly but surely I will add this change this and that here and there. But for now, I'm quite pleased with how it look.

Check out my shoppe here --> Mama's Trove

Do follow me on twitter as well for sales post updates :)

- xoxo -

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day today. How are you going to celebrate it with your love one(s)?? Noted the "s" there? for you may want to celebrate it as a family :)

I spent the whole Saturday morning drawing and cutting out these 5 petal flowers. Got the idea in my head but to affirm the correct method, a quick google landed me here and it's perfect so that my idea wont turn out to be a disaster!

From Saturday, the project continued to Sunday as I was alone looking after 2 kids on Saturday and I cant concentrate. Furthermore, have not gotten the chance to go and purchase the lollipops.

It was all cutting and glueing and tying on Sunday and the end result = a HAPPY me! hahahaha.... Just looking at these makes my heart goes a-flutter :p

Here's a shot of a single stem lollipop. Wat-da-ya say, you like it? Happy to receive one?

These are made for Cavan to treat his classmates and wish them all a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope the kids like em! Ooh he's giving to a few of his teachers and *ahem ahem* his previous girlfriends too ~ particularly those name Ashley :) Remember my post about Ashley(s)? Yea, they are in separate classes this year.

I just hope he's brave enough to go over to the class next door and present it to Ashley :) hahahaha....

On another note when I arrived home last Friday night, me and hubs was pleasantly surprised to receive a Valentine's Card from Cavan. Ssswweeeetttt!!

Happy Valentine everyone. We will be celebrating CNY (it's the 12th day today), birthday and Valentine's Day tonight with our usual gang.

Ooh, Lunar New Year celebrating is gonna end and I've not completed my post on my trip to Cambodia. Where have all the time gone too?? Also, mamapumpkin and shoppinghaunts had started to sell off stuff they no longer need to make space in the house. Such an inspiration, why throw away when someone else might need it right? I think I need to start also hahahaha but first I need to revamp my blog shop which I've closed off temporarily.... time ooh time I need you more!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kung Hei Fatt Choy ~ Gong Xi Fa Cai! 2011

It's a beautiful morning here in hubs hometown. The birds are chirping away. Thank goodness that last nights shower of crackers stopped at 2am. I still remember the past few years, the crackers sound lasts till 3-4am!!! The sky is smoky that I had phobia sleeping for I'm scared one of the crackers lands on top of the roof and spark off fire! LOL

Here's wishing you a great bunny year ahead. May this bunny brings us all peace, lower prices, wealth and great health!!

GONG XI GONG XI!! hippity hop hop.....

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What better way than to present to your love ones some lovely pendants from

Here you will find exquisite Symbol Pendants. For those celebrating their anniversaries, there's even Platinum Anniversary Band that you can give to your other half. Just the right thing to cement your relationship further.

Ooh for those who are single, fret not as you can reward yourself with a Shiatsu Elite Footmassager. Isnt this a great way to show your love to your love ones and yourself? :)

Don't say I didnt suggest anything to you!

Sunset & New Year Eve Countdown

From Angkor Thom City we headed to Bakheng Hill to view the sunset. Little did we realised that when they mentioned "hill" it is really on top of a hill which we need to track up and tracking up alone takes us 30 mins!!! There were no steps okay, it's really hilly surface.

the crowd tracking up the hill

Off course if you want to pay, then you can hop up onto an ellie and you will arrive ontop of Bakheng Hill in ellie steps :)

When I landed my foot on flat ground at Bakheng Hill and looked up, I saw this......

... and went flabbergasted! OMG, just look at the crowd ON TOP of that ruins!! Scary wei!!! Not only it's crowded but it's steep! How in the world am I gonna climb up there with those crowds. Images of people stepping on my fingers while climbing or worse, accidently pushed me down those steps flashes across my mind!!

But anyhow, I made it up there! :) and then the struggle to find the perfect spot for sunset is a nightmare! When you have adjusted yourself nicely for that *click* moment, a head would just very conveniently pop-up in your frame!! *shoo shoo, get down la people, I want a shot at the sunset!!*

Hubs swallowing the "golden pearl"

The shots taken at Bakheng Hill for sunset definitely turns out nicer compared to those sunrise shots we took at Angkor Wat. Maybe it's the season when we're there. The weather is not at it's peak HOT thus the sunrise is not hot enough to overshadow Angkor Wat for that picture perfect shot!

We started our ascend down but instead of taking the human way down, dunno how we ended up on the ellie's trail. The whole journey is full of ellie's poop and since the sky begins to turn dark and I meant really really dark, it was a tough maneuvering our way down while avoiding poops!! Lots of em!! Luckily enough some kind hearted soul had a torch light behind us and shone on those poops when another kind hearted soul in front shouted "shit! shit!" to warn those at the back hahahaha....

After refreshing ourselves back in the hotel room, we headed again to Pub Street and Old Market area for dinner. Tried out this BBQ stall and their ribs are yummy!!

(L) BBQ ribs and (R) BBQ chicken thighs

I saw a dish named "Morning Glory" and ordered it to try. Little did I know it is our KangKung!!!

Stir fried morning glory

After fulfilling our tummies, we went and tried out the fish spa which is available everywhere. Dirt cheap! USD3 for 30 minutes soak. My 1st time trying it out as well coz kay-el charges are pretty expensive.

We then scouted for a place to countdown, it's New Year's Eve afterall :) 1st countdown we cheers each other when the clock struck 12 for it's our country's New Year. When the time stuck 1am ie. 12 am Cambodian time, we joined the crowd on the street for countdown.

Look at that crowd!
In the midst of the crowd, we got sprinkled by beer! and basically you dont even have to walk, you're squashed!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Siem Reap....

This ends another day, another insufficient sleep night. More sight seeings tomorrow to Bantreay Srei, Kbal Spean, Neak Pean and Preah Khan.

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