Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senior's Birthday

I guess I better post this up before the next member's birthday which is just round the corner! *hiks*

We went to Umaiya Puchong this time to celebrate our Senior's birthday. Why Umaiya Puchong so far? It's because one of our member has returned and is working as a Chef in Umaiya, that's why! We had the celebration there so that our Mr. Chef is able to join us on and off while working in the kitchen. Also secretly hoping that we get special foodies hahahaha......

Our food that night. We each had a set and ordered some orders for sharing.... Ended up everyone very very full!

And of course each birthday would not be a birthday (in Cavan's terms) if there's no birthday cake. We got smarter as we celebrate each others birthday. We got the smaller version of cake 0.5kg? This is to avoid passing or should I say forcing each other to finish up the cake! LOL

Birthday boy, why I call him Senior.
Well he is my Senior muahahahaha.....

Of course not forgetting our group's entertainers and bundle of joy ~ the kiddos.....

After a fulfilling dinner at Umaiya, we proceeded to Pacific Coffee next door and had a cuppa before we call it a night! *yawn*


Anonymous said...

really miss the gathering - sandy

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