Friday, January 21, 2011

I ♥ Ipoh

It was a cool evening, the roads are congested and we were hunting for a place to dine. Round and round and finally ended up at Sunway Giza.

Been wanting to try this I ♥ Ipoh outlet for quite sometime but never actually make it there. Thus this round, straightaway enter the outlet after parking our car.

We were the only diners there that night. Towards the end of our meal, 2 more diners came. Hmm... kinda quiet compared to the shop next door which is quite crowded.

Anyway quiet is also good, we can enjoy our meal peacefully :)

Our drink orders - Iced Teh Si and Iced White Coffee

Do note that when you order Teh Si here, they do not put sugar. It's a "kosong" Teh Si.

Hubby's dinner - Menglembu Hor Fun

The soup base is not the usual Ipoh Hor Fun you have outside. I can't pin point what exactly for I only took a sip but it's different.

I had the Asam Laksa. Can't resist Asam Laska. My favourite and it's tough to find a good bowl of Asam Laksa here in Kay-el. The broth served here is real thick with fishes. Not the runny clear soup and a piece of fish that you usually gets. Not bad!

My dinner - Gunung Rapat Asam Laksa

Overall, we had a nice dinner but found the price steep. After the 15% discount we had with Standard Chartered promo, still found it expensive! LOL.


Merryn said...

Woot! The Assam Laksa is addictive leh! Once tried must go again.. and again.. and again! :D

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