Friday, January 28, 2011

The City of Angkor Thom

After completing Angkor Wat for sunrise, we went back to our hotel for breakfast and rested awhile. Noon time in Siem Reap is the hottest and usually tourists are advised to take a break during this time before proceeding further visits.

We entered The City of Angkor Thom where we walked around the Elephant Terrace, a spectacular meeting place in the 12th century where entertainments and dancings were held. Right behind it lies the Royal Palace and Phimeanakas.

Victoria Gate (if not mistaken)

We walked around the Elephant Terrace a little taking in the breathtaking vast land to our right left and front. Were informed that on the opposite road, it used to be where tight rope walkers perform.

Elephant Terrace ~ a long terrace from end to end

We proceeded to the back of Elephant Terrace where we walked thru the ruins of the Royal Palace. From there we saw beautiful Phimeanakas. There's a legend that says the King is to spent the first watch of every night with a woman who represent a Naga in the tower to prevent calamities to his land.

The towers of Phimeanakas

We passed by Bayon which is under restoration at the moment.

headless nagas

Common sight if you're on top of any temples ~ it's a loonnnggg fall!! *splat*

From there, we went to Ta Prohm famous for trees growing inbetween the temple and also because Tomb Raider was filmed there starring Angelina Jolie.

at the entrace of Ta Prohm, see the tree growing on top of the building?, check out the roots ~ huge thick roots (back view of the building)

The many many doors that we walked thru. Ooh, did you spot those "holes" on the wall? It used to be filled with precious stones. Some of the temples are built by the son for their mother as a tribute.

More of Ta Prohm. I get fascinated by the big roots and the way the tree weaves it way in between cracks of the building and grow so so so tall!!

Check out the last picture bottom right. Did you notice that there's a face in between the gap? Fascinating right? No matter how the root weaves around, it didnt cover the face at all!!

You can even play hide and seek around the windows covered roots? LOL :p


overview of the temple ground

group pic at Ta Prohm

Aahh... Bayon, my favourite site! :) Just love those faces!

Can you spot em already from here? It's a real beauty!

finely crafted to the details!

sporting a rather sharp nose hehehehe....

more faces everywhere you turn

4 sides also have face!

If not mistaken, there are over 40+ faces at Bayon. It's a real wonder (dunno about you but I'm wondering and wondering....) how they can stack those slabs up so high and craft such lovely displays. Not only that, each face has it's own facial expression!

All of us agreed that we loved and loike Bayon very very much!!

Done with Angkor Thom City, we are so ready to catch sunset now....


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