Sunday, December 05, 2010

My BIG boy is 5 years old!!

Blink blink blink blink and BLINK! my boy is now 5 years old!!!

One more year of kindy and I'll see him in the standard white top, dark blue shorts/pants, white socks and shoes lugging a heavy bag behind him and hopefully a cheerful eager to go to school face! I shall leave it to when I reached that time to write about it. Now, shall concentrate on this post :)

I've been busy on one of the Public Holiday in November. Preparing party packs and collecting cake ordered from Evelyn. Even roped in my niece to help out!

the stuff that goes into the party pack

ppsst.. blogger is not treating me good today, it auto turn the photo to the right!! ggrr.....

all ready to go party packs personalised with name :)

Right! What was it that I was busy with that I need my niece to help out? The party packs above are pretty simple.

I made marshmellow pops! First time I made this was for Caden's birthday. Making them are not tough but time consuming and not to forget I have with me two kiddos to keep an eye on. Afterall it's a Public Holiday!

marshmellow pops waiting to be packed individually

I also posted in my FB and later in my blog a photo of Cavan holding a bouquet of marshmellow pops :) This is where he got it from lah....

pops all wrapped up!

Later in the evening, we went to collect the birthday cake. Ordered something simple this year. Evelyn made the Handy Mandy cake last year.

Birthday boy wanted Ben10 theme. Here, he is posing with his cake (Blueberry sponge) and his Omnitrix, a gift from his god-ma.

The next morning after dropping him off at kindy, I went back home and waited for the time to bring all the party packs and cake for him to celebrate his birthday with his friends. It is his ACTUAL birthday and right before school's out for this year. Perfect timing :)

classmates singing Happy Birthday song....

After song, cake cutting and makan makan time, it's time for some photoshoot!

The kiddos are real good. They will just pose for you to snap their pics! :) Cute cute *0*

Before leaving, must take picture with class teacher for rememberance.

Mrs. Normah and Cavan

Back at home, the birthday boy wanted another Ben10 cake. To satisfy his "requirements", we just got him cupcakes with Ben10 written on it. Guess he just love to blow the candle and pose for photo! LOL

Daddy, Mummy and Baby Caden


Delgado said...

Cavan is being guarded with girls. I'm proud of you, Cavan!

Merryn said...

Cavan! So many GF's!!! LoL Mommy will have a headache in future :P

dEarDaNieL said... many girls around..left right. so close..handsome cavan really catches lotsa attention huh?

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