Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I fought with my fish!

When it comes to food, I rate myself as not that picky. As long as it can be eaten and flavourful, I'm okay.

Last week after work, hubby and myself decided to try this restaurant near our home. It's a 2 storey corner shop and the outlook seems appealing. And most important, it's not empty!

We arrived and saw most of the tables were seated. 2nd floor is air-conditioned and we proceeded up. This outlet is self service even for rice except for drinks you can order from the waiter/waitress.

There was a long que for your food to be grilled. Even the pre-cooked dishes are all empty! The person in-charge gave us an offer. Order either the ikan merah or pari and we'll be put on "VIP-q". We decided on ikan pari (stingray) and had our order on "VIP-q" :) ie. in other words "jump-que"!!!

tradisional kerosene lamps but in this high technology world,
these lamps hanging there are all electric bulbs lamps! they gave a nice ambience overall....

While waiting for our main dish to arrive, we munched on fish crackers. As I said, it's self service and this plate cost RM3. I pilled up my plate since crackers tend to take up a lot of space!

fish crackers which is not that strong in flavour, not enough fish!

3 types of sauce/chili for you to choose. We tried 'em all! LOL

Aahhh.... finally our fish arrived.

Looks nice BUT once I started to dig the flesh the battle begun!! Never before I had such a miserable dinner where I practically fought with the fish!! It's so tough that I requested for a knife. Yes, you read right, I wanted a KNIFE! In the end, both myself and hubby gave up on the fish!
Dont think I will step in there again until very very much later.....


iamthewitch said...

Oh dear! Fought with fish? That's so funny! Hehe.. But how much did your fish cost until you can jump queue?? :P

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