Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gala Premier & 2nd night Screening of Peter Pan The Musical

Remember the post I wrote about the "Behind the Scene" with the cast and crew of Peter Pan the Musical? Well, I got the Gala Premier tickets and I didnt go on that night as I was away at Avillion Port Dickson for my Company Trip. BUT it's not wasted as hubby went with Cavan :)

yeah, it's Media tickets for the Gala Premier night :)

I attended the 2nd night screening on Saturday, Nov 27th. Just enough time to go home and freshen up after returning from Port Dickson. The very kind hearted ambp gave me extra tickets! :)

overall view of the stage,
all props done by Sunway Lagoon's in-house designing team

I was lucky as the show started only 15 mins late on the 2nd night. The night before ie. Gala Premier night, it was over 1 hour delay!! I feel for those attended that night especially family with kids. The kiddos must be so so restless waiting for the musical to start!

The musical started with a bang and we saw "snow" falling down. It was a lovely sight and the music is lively. The cast expressions were good!

Some of the scenes from the musical...

cutey Nana, Wendy's doggie

I'm Peter Pan!

Yes yes yes!! You get to see Peter Pan and Wendy "flying" LOL

here comes Smee

and here is Captain Hook!

Check out Captain Hook's expression. It must be tough in this role always scowling away hehehe...

Peter Pan and the lost boys

colorful lively dance performances

and it snowed again this time not only on stage but where we were all seated plus bubbles everywhere!!

As with the Gala Premier night, kiddos were given the chance to have their pic taken with the cast. On the 2nd night, adults were given the chance after the kiddos :)

Overall, I enjoyed myself tremendously and for such a musical to take place at Sunway's Amphitheatre, it's considered not bad! Hope that Sunway will bring in more such kind of musical where the whole family is able to enjoy together.


prince n princess mum said...

Superb show!

Merryn said...

let me recall.... errrm... YES! indeed a superb show :D

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