Friday, December 24, 2010

Dad's Birthday

We celebrated dad's birthday as a family by going makan-makan (yea, eat eat again LOL!). This time we tried a restaurant located in Ampang recommended by my brother.

Spot the birthday boy in the above photo? Wanna guess how old is birthday boy?

My dad is 69 years old this year, a December baby :) Very tech savvy, interested in gadgets and still strong! Bless the Lord! Amen!!

We feasted ourselves to lala, fish, meat, crabs, prawns, veges and bread! hehehehe..... You can see the photos below yourselves....

Lala in superior broth proves to be quite spicy for most of us. It really "sting" your tongue. The "kai lan" in claypot is something different, the steam fish is wonderful ~ easy to eat as the flesh has been cut into slices and on top of the bone, spreads a layer of taufu before the cut fish fleshes were laid back on top. The steam flower crabs are so fresh and full of flesh. Same goes for the prawns, big prawns! :)

This restaurant serve a unique dessert, take a look below and see if you can guess it right.

Yeah, its a jelly but what jelly? Taa-daaaa ~ herbal jelly. Usually dessert served would be cut fresh fruits or "tong sui". The herbs for this is quite strong eh...
Overall, Riverview Restaurant @ Ampang serves really really fresh seafood and best of all, the service is good. Price wise, found it a bit pricey but the freshness of the seafood makes up for it! :


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