Friday, December 03, 2010

A Birthday Party Invitation

Those that know me, I have another blog where I upload my digiscraps. The blog was created initially for Cavan and since having Caden, I dont think I can maintain another blog just for him thus decided that both of them will share the blog. Only thing is time passby me and I have not gotten around to change the header to reflect the two brothers as well as start on my digiscrap project for them! hhmmmm......

Anyway, remember this scrap? I made it for his friend as a thank you for the play date. This time round, Cavan received a birthday invite :)

We were the first guests to arrive and I thought we were running late! Guess I'm still "punctual" afterall hahahaha....

Soon after one by one guests start arriving and before you know it, the kids were "messing up" the playroom.

Playing together in the playroom with all those toys! Yeah, look at the amount of toys they have access too. I know I will be laughing happily if I have that much toys!

Even Caden got attracted to the toys. He had a corner all to himself! hehehehe....

Modelling with a fireman hat

While the kids busied themselves playing and the parents got into the "hi, nice to meet you or get to know you more" stage, the hosts prepared lunch.

Food spread! All homemade even the buns, cookies and cake!

Ahhh thinking back, I love the baked chicken wings! So yummy!! The pickled cucumber was good too, really refreshing.

Gathering cousins and friends for a group shoot! ppsst.. the birthday boy is the one holding the knife. The lil boy seated right in the middle is his younger brother :)

Birthday theme was Toy Story. The kids were even watching Toy Story 3 at one point!

It was then time for Pinata. This is my first time seeing a Pinata at a birthday party. Read about it and thought about doing one but never gotten around to it. Those sold at Toy 'R' Us is quite pricey and you dont have the option of putting in your own stuff.

This pinata was made by the birthday boy's mother :)

One whack, two whack and by the third whack, baamm!! the pinate fell apart! So what do the kids do then? Go and grab as much goodies as your hand can hold la....

After pinata goodies, each kiddo got a party pack. Boys got transformers and girls, I dont know lah since both my kids are boy boy :) hehehehe.... Even Caden got a party pack but his are building blocks since he's too small to play with transformers. How thoughtful :)

By this time, most of the guest have left except for us. Yes first to arrive and last to leave! so paiseh hahahaha.... Cavan didnt want to go, he wanted to go swimming!!

We let him play for 20-30 mins more in the flexi pool (cool eh..) and badded goodbye.

Thank you Yen for the invite! :)


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