Thursday, December 30, 2010

Being Touristy & The Chateau

The roads were congested when we head down town right into the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Parking proved to be a problem in the mall thus we had no choice but to park our car further away and walk.

Felt like a tourist walking the streets of Kay-el with backpack and one kiddo strapped securely and the other hands held tightly :)

We crossed thru BB Park and even snapped a pic in Sg. Wang Plaza hahaha....

After shopping around, we headed to Chateau for dinner. Last month, I won a RM100 voucher from RedFM to dine here and so here we are to try their what they can offer.

Chateau in BB Park

the boy and his new toy :)

my ever ready to pose for picture darling Caden

We had garlic bread, mushroom soup, pizza and baked seabass. Wanna guess who had the Hoegaarden and who had the latte? Not Cavan definitely for he had fresh orange juice...

Overall I think I only liked the garlic bread and Hoegaarden! hahahaha.... oklah the baked seabass not bad. The other two dish, mmmm...... let's just say I wont order again if I ever step foot in Chateau again.

Caden checking out the surroundings outside

We headed home after spending half day in Kay-el city and everyone was bone tired!


Merryn said...

Caden is so keyut!!! Wanna pinch him dy! :D

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