Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3D2N Retreat....

We went for a short retreat :)

Started off our journey after breakfast and had a nice drive up North. We stopped at Sitiawan and had a bowl of cendol @James Cendol stall to cool us down in the scorching sun! It was an easy find as it's right in front of the Maha Mariamman Temple, Jalan Lumut. James Cendol is famous for its red bow tie attire as well as having served the Sultan Perak before.

After a cool down, we continued our journey and arrived at our destination ~ Damai Laut!

Cavan and his "peace" sign. He's currently at this stage whereby most of the photos he took has this "peace" sign.

At the lobby, we were given a welcome drink and this counter is decorated with REAL gingerbread man dough! It emits a wonderful smell when you're around that area! yum yum :)

The rest of the day and days were spent hanging out at the beach, digging for "lala's" (clams), playing in the pool and basicaly just lazing around the resort.

We liked the resort pretty much, a good place to unwind and get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

I was really into the retreat mood as I did not keep track of time except for feeding time for Caden which he was also on holiday mood, as he rejected his milk and prefer to eat solid ie. what we ate!! Funny though on our way back, he seems to know that holiday's over, its back to normal and drank his milk as usual..... puzzles me till now

Three days past by too quickly and we need to pack up and head home. On our way, we stopped and bought Sitiawan's famous "Gong Pian". The aroma was heavenly and it tasted wonderful eating it fresh from the oven! Luckily it was open the day we head home as the shop was closed on Sunday when we headed to Damai Laut.

crispy aromatic onion gong pian

On our way we passed by a vast paddy field and had a scenic time looking at the grenery. Good for our eyes :p Also spotted lots of these white birds at the paddy field.

And then baam! we are back in Kay-el city with the crawling traffic!

Ooh well, until the next retreat......


Lola said...

Your boys are so cute! (So is that gingerbread house deli counter!)

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