Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giap and Lai's Birthday

I nearly forgot about this birthday post of Giap and Lai! hehehe...

We went for Vegetarian fine dining this round @ Kechara Oasis. A special request from the birthday boy (actually a belated birthday for the boy coz he's birthday was in Oct).

Birthday boy and birthday girl

This round we took a group photo BEFORE we attack the food! Nice eh, all cutleries still in placed neatly :)

We ordered in total 8 dishes including the dessert. Everything was so yummy yum yumz! I just find that their portion is a tad too small especially the 5 Vege Stir Fry. We ordered BIG but when it arrives on our table I commented is that BIG?? It look like small portion to me lah....

1st row (L-R) : Deep Fried & Steamed Round Momos, 5 Vege Stir Fry, Kechara Mystical Pot (Cavan's fav!) and Minced Meat Petai
2nd row (L-R) : Thai Butter Hedgehog Mushroom, Tong Po Yuk Beef, Curry Mutton and Red Bean Banana Rolls

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

I just find Secret Recipe cakes nowadays is too soft. This is the second time we encounter the cake "senget" to one side when taken out from the box!!

I love this family photo. Very seldom I get good shot of my whole family especially getting Cavan to be in, not to say smile. Even though he has a piece of vege in his mouth I loike it! hehehe...

My two Prince

The gals

And before we parted ways, we took another group photo in front of the signage. Now, I dont need you to tell me who is the person that "stands out" in the photo. No need to remind about the height okay :p

Till the next birthday if we are continuing next year....

**all pictures courtesy from Sandy**


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