Monday, November 22, 2010

Behind The Scene of Peter Pan the Musical

I scored myself an invite to take a peek at this upcoming musical production with other bloggers. We all gathered at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on Saturday, Nov 20th for a "BTS" (behind the scene) with the cast and crew of Peter Pan the Musical.

Molly & I, Judy & I

Met and befriended fellow bloggers Merryn, Molly, Judy, Tini, Kelvin and Bok. Didnt managed to have a pic with each of them unfortunately.

Upon arrival after registration, each of us were given a tag. Not your usual tag for we all had a PRESS tag! Not everyday you can have a PRESS tag unless your job is a reporter eh... :) Thus our journey of being a media press for a few hours to cover the "BTS" of Peter Pan begins.....

my PRESS tag

We were all ferried to the Amphitheatre in a train. This train from the opening night onwards will be decorated and each patron of the musical will have the experience of riding on Peter Pan's Express Train to Neverland.

The entrance to the Amphitheatre

All of us were greeted by the CEO of Sunway Lagoon and given an introduction as to why Peter Pan was chosen as the theme where West End veterans Chris Colby and David Kort will produce and choreograph so that audiences will be able to experience a world class musical extravaganza in a unique, never before experienced, location.

Aaron Soo, CEO of Sunway Lagoon

"One of the hallmarks of Peter Pan The Musical at Sunway Lagoon is the collaborative effort between a prestigious Malaysian venue and set stage together with an International West End cast, crew and creative team. This is a very rare commemorative showcase of local and international artistic talent; using West End theatrical direction" said Aaron Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Lagoon.

We were then given an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the musical. We actually had about 8 minutes of the show!! What a surprise! Awesome indeed!! :)

scenes from the musical

Even went on stage to hang out with Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Wendy for some Q&A session. The props are done so finely and detailed and it's all done by Sunway Lagoon's own in-house team!

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Wendy

the detailed and beautiful props

Peter Pan
(Mark when offstage)

Wendy & I

Known as LJ off stage, she started Performing Arts when she was 16 years old. By the way, she just got married 4 months ago on 101010! :)

Captain Hook & I
[took this specially for Cavan :)]

Captain Hook (Michael offstage) started very very young in these musicals. He was 9 years old when he first performed! Such passion they have for Performing Arts right?

Again with Peter and Wendy

Check out their shoes, especially Peter Pan's green shoes! :p and I just luv Wendy's shoes, simple and nice, sparkly too :)

You can expect some of the cast to have more than one change of outfit during the musical. Captain Hook will play Wendy's father in the opening. Audiences will experience Christmas in London coz they will be snow!!

with David Kort, Choreographer

According to David, plus minus we'll see about 20 odd pax of cast members in this musical production.

"All musical productions are different but not all of them are unique. In the case of Peter Pan The Musical at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon, the performers and audiences can truly immerse themselves in the Neverland-like atmosphere of the outdoor amphitheatre" said David.

Read the keyword : Experience it OUTDOOR!

We wrapped up our coverage by proceeding to LightHouse for refreshments with the cast members. Food served is yummy and quite heavy actually. We had fries, popcorn chicken, tomyam soup, fried kuay teow, fried mee, fried rice and a plate of stir fried sausages!

Are you excited enough? I cant wait to catch it on the 2nd night screening. It's just too bad that I cant attend the Gala Premiere on Friday, Nov 26th as I'll be out of town. What a bummer!! Nevertheless at least I'm catching it on the 2nd night *o*

Peter Pan The Musical will be stagged at Sunway Lagoon from November 26th 2010 until January 2nd 2011. What are you waiting for? Head on over to for more information and experience The Neverland in a whimsical ambience with a yuletide theme!!

As in the true spirit of giving this Christmas season, Sunway Lagoon has also urged local homes and associations for the underprivileged to approach them as they will be allocating them up to 400 seats for every show. Please contact Vanessa Tan / Nikki Goh at +603-7710-3288 to find out how your home or association can take part in this one of a kind experience.

Yours truly with the cast of Peter Pan The Musical

"The true essence of the story of Peter Pan is more than just staying young forever. It is about staying true to yourself and having fun" - Chris Colby


Merryn said...

Woot! I can't wait for the Gala Premier already :D

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Hello Karen, dropping by to visit ur blog here ;) keep in touh ok ;) cheers!
(just got to know u ar my buddy's Fren lol.. Small world indeed!, hope we can b buddy too!)

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Wonderful write up Karen!

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