Monday, October 11, 2010

Short Escapade

This is such a back dated post. I'm just so lacking these days in updating this blog! hmph but well it's never too late rite :)

28 August 2010, we received a call from my brother to join them in Port Dickson. There's extra room and not to be wasted, my family hurriedly packed and head down to PD. I think I broke my own record for packing, only took me 30 mins to gather everything!

We stayed at Ilham Resort. Our room was on the lower ground facing the swimming pool! Cool huh... my brother got upgraded to a 3 bedroom (hence the extra room which is spacious btw) coz got connection hehehe...

With the swimming pool so near, what else to do but jump straight into the pool lah!!

Caden's 2nd time swimming (1st was when we went Desaru). He had a jolly good time! :)

The next day we went and explored Thistle (brother's friend was staying there). It's big, it's spacious and extremely bright. Glaring actually coz the sun was real bright and there's not much grenery at the pool area.

Walked about on their lawn, look see look see, snap some pics here and there :)

Cavan with his poses and not wanting to be left out, Caden with his side "hello there" pose!

All in all, the kids had fun and the adults had a near and good short escapade from the hustle and bustle of Kay-el city :)


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