Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

We met again for Mid Autumn Festival this year at Desa Park City. Last year we all had our own celebration at home. One of our friend was involved in an accident early part of the year, we didnt have a lot of gathering and myself, I was preggy with Caden so you know lah... we needed time for ourselves to heal/rest and get back the momentum.

Thus the scene when we arrived at Desa Park City blew me off track! It was CROWDED, so unlike the past 2 years when we met up at the same place on the exact day of the festival it was so quiet. This year, the scenario was completely different. Getting a parking is extremely hard and most if not all of the trees are hung with candle lit lanterns. A delightful scene even those big rocks are not spared! :)

Two boys having fun playing with lanterns while the adults chatted away (as usual) with a very frequent interruption from them to re-lit the candle again and again. I just refused to get those battery operated lantern for Cavan. I find the noise a nuisance. The traditional candle lit is the best! Do you agree?

Before we bade each other good night, a group photo for memoir. We hope that we are able to gather again next year but the very person that said this will also be "migrating" to Kota Bahru after CNY next year. So how lah? Get him to be back in Kay-el for the gathering hor....

We didnt bring Caden that night. So not to leave him out, after work the next day I let him played with the lantern. Hold on to the lantern only, this lil fella started to swing the lantern here and there happily. I was so scared coz there's a lighted candle in the lantern!!

Ooh in case you're wondering what the big brother is doing there. He's actually busy posing for his photo to be taken by Nicky.


mom2ashleyaidan said...

wow that's nice celebrating the mid autumn festival at Desa Park City....

Caven is a real good poser eh?

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