Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

We held a mini celebration for Caden a week earlier from his actual birthday at my parent's house. Invitees were relatives and close friends. Blogged about his invite here.

The buntings were DIY :) Was surfing the net for favours ideas when I stumble upon this gem :) It makes life so much easier. Kudos to the creator and thanks for sharing!

Wat da ya think? Pretty neat huh...

I have one of my aunty asking me about this. She commented it was professionally done! Was totally surprised it was a DIY - purchase paper, print, cut and hang!! kekekekeke.....

Finally had my chance to try making marshmellow pops after reading about it here. She's such a creative and talented woman. It's easy to prepare, great for table deco around other foodies and was a great hit with the kiddos! :)

Alas, I was unable to get a moo-moo (cow) picture for the favours. Thus, settled for this cute chicky which is actually supposed to be a bookmark if you cut a slit on it. Another great site to explore, check out her artwork here.

~ Milk candy favours ~

Everything was up and ready and here we have the birthday boy waiting for the arrival of his guests. Getting "chor loh" this baby boy. Sit also like those tricycle uncle with one leg up! hehehe...

He has really grown. Sometimes I dont know where all the months went after giving birth to him. His character is different from his brother. This lil fella is very adventurous. He learn things by himself without much guidance. He surprises us when we saw him turning lower part of his body around to get down from the bed without guidance! Dared to take his first steps without any support or persuasion... Alright better snap out of it, getting emo oredy :)

We collected the birthday cake from Evelyn after breakfast that morning. My 2nd order from her, the 1st was for Cavan's birthday last year. It's moo-moo theme. Caden is born in the year of the golden cow so this fits perfectly.

Close-up shot of the details. Aint's they cuties?

Birthday boy and his first cake

Cutting his cake

Being cheeky

Being playful

My joyful cutie prince! :)

The following week on Caden's actual birthday which happens to be 2nd day of Raya, we were back to hubby's hometown where his paternal grandparents threw him a birthday dinner with some relatives and friends.

Back home it was time to unwrapped pressies received from his birthday bashs. There's board books, pop-up books, jigsaws, fire engine, shirts, etc..

~ Happy baby with his wonderful pressies ~


May you be bless with good health.

Keep on smiling! :)

* thanks to Alys for the close-up shots


Christy said...

Such a perfect party! Belated birthday wishes to your little one. :)

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