Thursday, October 14, 2010


I tweeted in my FB one fine Saturday evening that I'm gonna "indulge in lotsa essence tonite". Well what essence?

It's actually Essence @ Sheraton Imperial KL! :)

I did indulge in lotsa essence that night, oyster essence hehehe....

I was busy feeding Caden his porridge and hubby and mum took the above for me. After finishing the whole plate off, I'm too full to go for other food. I believe I ate close to a dozen oysters not to mention countless fresh juicy prawns!!

The other item I loike most is the earl grey ice-cream (the one brownish in color on the right). It's so full of earl grey aroma. Nice yummy nice!

We were given this treat plus to celebrate my aunt's birthday.

~ complimentary cake from Sheraton for birthday gal ~

Never disburse without a group photo eh...

Lotsa BLESSING to you :)


Pris said...

wow, earl grey flavoured ice-cream, something new :)

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