Tuesday, October 12, 2010

City of Digital Light

Was craving quietly one Saturday afternoon to have "char hue" (fried fish) in Klang when hubby said let's go and visit I-City! Quickly I voiced out, we go have early dinner in Klang then we go I-City k? hehehe....

Had to pay RM10 for entry to parking. The value can be redeemed for F&B so dont throw away the ticket.

We were greeted with blazing display of colourful LED lights in different shapes and sizes! From pine trees, to maple leaf, snowmen, butterfly, peacock, etc etc..

Our boys in front of a big cactus with maple trees at the back. Caden is 11 months old here.

When we left the place at 10.30pm, we saw cars back to back around the perimeter of I-City. You want to know why? It's actually the que to enter the parking. Traffic jam at that hour in I-City. Next time you plan to go there, go earlier!


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