Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cavan's 1st Concert

Earlier this month, we attended Cavan's 1st Concert.

The concert started and both me and hubby expected the teachers to be the Master of Ceremonies. Little did we know that the MCs are the kids themselves. Not one but four of them! We were definitely impressed as they "MC-ed" the whole event themselves. Yes, the kids ran the show themselves. Teachers (adults) were only seen helping to move props around.

Cavan's gig only came in towards the end of the show. It's one of the dance for Alice in Wonderland skit and his gig's title is Garden Wonderland.

Sharply dressed in bright orange and yellow, the kiddos had fun on stage. Started at the right cue and ending right! hehehehe.....

Different dance style and not missing a single beat. Kudos to all of them. They did well!

For the ending, all the kids came back on stage and groove and twist to the music. Boy, can the kids really twist!!

Before we bade each other goodbye, the whole kindy's teacher and kids took a group photo. Big group eh, kudos to the teachers. They did well in helping the kids with their dance moves and for co-ordinating the concert. Not an easy task handling kids!

We also managed to snap a picture with his classmates before we left for home.

You did us P.R.O.U.D. boy!
Way to go!!


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