Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

BOO!! Happy Halloween! :)

Soon after I launched my Google Chrome, the graphics below captured my attention. Beautiful illustration. I love the 1st picture very much. Although I'm not a huge fan of Scooby Doo, this is just too nice to be missed.

This year I wanted Cavan to experience Halloween as in trick or treat but alas here in Malaysia Halloween is not a big celebration except for some Halloween deco's around the mall and ghouls parading.

He's quite in the mood though with him wanting to buy a witch hat, gloves and sword covered in blood, broom and the like. You get my drift :)

Let's see next year if I managed to find a venue where he can dress up and go trick or treating. It would be a nice experience dont you think so?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

PETRONAS StreetSmart 2010 - Lessons for Life Exhibition

Look! Look! Another invitation and this time is to attend Petronas StreetSmart 2010 - Lessons for Life Exhibition on road safety. To make it more exciting, they are teaming up with Playhouse Disney!!

I actually knew about this exhibition when Cavan brought home a flyer from kindy. I glanced at it briefly and made a mental note to bring him one of the weekends during school holiday. However, today I received this invitation from Sophia of IN.Deed Communications and what I did? straight-away RSVP lah!! hahaha....

If you're interested, sent your details to

ppssttt....hope I get to meet Mickey Mouse! :p

"Power of Play" with Kleenex Family Day

We had a chance to attend Kleenex Family Day for parents blogger at KizSports & Gym, 1Utama on 23 October 2010. The theme was "Power of Play".

The event started with registration upon arrival and speech by Mr Nathan Kandapper, Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark, Malaysia & Singapore.

Mr Nathan said : "Experts believe that giving our kids the freedom to play and experiment benefits growing children. At Kleenex®, we would like to believe we play a small part in advocating for our kids to play freely, in everyday situations. At least, we are committed to providing the best in personal hygiene care for the family so that parents have the peace of mind while their children participate in imaginative, spontaneous play."

We also had a talk by Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Pediatrician on "Letting Kids be Kids while Keeping Them Safe". She struck a note when she mentioned that "...parents are increasingly reluctant to let their children get dirty, worrying about the germs that they might come in contact with when playing and messing around."

So what with all these hygiene, play, germs? Let me introduce you to Kleenex brand new Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes which effectively kills 99.9% of germs including H1N1 flu viruses. It is not sudsy not sticky. Best of all, it is alcohol-free and the cottony softness ensure skin is cleansed gently and thoroughly. Safe for use on babies and children!

Photo from Kleenex

We had our chance to try these hand sanitizing moist wipe throughout the whole event!

Besides the talk, the kids were treated to jingle and dance with Abigail Barragry, Creative Arts Therapist (Blubricks) on the "Power of Play with Kleenex" song.

We also took part in finger painting and guess what? We were in the Top 10! yeah... check out our masterpiece.

Theme : PLAY at the beach
Masterpiece by : Daddy, Mummy and Cavan

Did you see the two orangey blobs? That's done by daddy and it's crabs! Bet you didnt guess it right! LOL. He also did the two trees there and clouds.

Cavan did the water and grass while mummy did the coconut tree. Come to think of it, I think my coconut tree brought us all to the Top 10 hehehehe....

How we cleaned up? Use the Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes provided by Kleenex of course. There were ample for you to use!

Cavan attacked the play area right after his snack. Seen here is at the ball pit where he's playing with Ethan and trying rock climbing. He had a jolly good time.

Before we left, we made our pledge to keep our hands squeaky clean *-*

Last but not least, we brought home four bagfuls of Kleenex tissue and hand sanitizing moist wipes! THANK YOU Kleenex!!

Group Photo from Kleenex/IN.Deed Communications

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cavan's 1st Concert

Earlier this month, we attended Cavan's 1st Concert.

The concert started and both me and hubby expected the teachers to be the Master of Ceremonies. Little did we know that the MCs are the kids themselves. Not one but four of them! We were definitely impressed as they "MC-ed" the whole event themselves. Yes, the kids ran the show themselves. Teachers (adults) were only seen helping to move props around.

Cavan's gig only came in towards the end of the show. It's one of the dance for Alice in Wonderland skit and his gig's title is Garden Wonderland.

Sharply dressed in bright orange and yellow, the kiddos had fun on stage. Started at the right cue and ending right! hehehehe.....

Different dance style and not missing a single beat. Kudos to all of them. They did well!

For the ending, all the kids came back on stage and groove and twist to the music. Boy, can the kids really twist!!

Before we bade each other goodbye, the whole kindy's teacher and kids took a group photo. Big group eh, kudos to the teachers. They did well in helping the kids with their dance moves and for co-ordinating the concert. Not an easy task handling kids!

We also managed to snap a picture with his classmates before we left for home.

You did us P.R.O.U.D. boy!
Way to go!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snapshots of Caden

I'm guilty of not really updating Caden's development in comparison to Cavan.

Here's some updates and recent snapshots of him :)

  • Top 4 teeth
  • Bottom 2 teeth
  • Walking steadily at 1 year 1 month old
  • Extremely eager to try new food
  • Taking solids well (still one solid per day in the evening)
  • Able to wave goodbye and give "5" before 1 year old
  • Communicate through body language and various expressions eg. take his shoes and ask you to wear for him knowing well it's time to head out of the house, put his hand near his ear mimic telephone call, take his water bottle and request you to open the cover for him

At times spotted him in this position for 2 seconds before continue crawling. Guess he's "resting" :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oops! he did it A.G.A.I.N.

Sometime back can't really remember when, could be a year or so ago, Cavan snipped off his fringe. If memory does not fail me, he did a pretty good job? hahahaha....

Yesterday reached home another surprise awaits us. Yep! he did it A.G.A.I.N.!!! and this time I would not say it's a very nice job!

Can you spot the bald patch right in the middle??

He even had the cheek to smile and laugh sheepishly!

Kids o kids...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

We met again for Mid Autumn Festival this year at Desa Park City. Last year we all had our own celebration at home. One of our friend was involved in an accident early part of the year, we didnt have a lot of gathering and myself, I was preggy with Caden so you know lah... we needed time for ourselves to heal/rest and get back the momentum.

Thus the scene when we arrived at Desa Park City blew me off track! It was CROWDED, so unlike the past 2 years when we met up at the same place on the exact day of the festival it was so quiet. This year, the scenario was completely different. Getting a parking is extremely hard and most if not all of the trees are hung with candle lit lanterns. A delightful scene even those big rocks are not spared! :)

Two boys having fun playing with lanterns while the adults chatted away (as usual) with a very frequent interruption from them to re-lit the candle again and again. I just refused to get those battery operated lantern for Cavan. I find the noise a nuisance. The traditional candle lit is the best! Do you agree?

Before we bade each other good night, a group photo for memoir. We hope that we are able to gather again next year but the very person that said this will also be "migrating" to Kota Bahru after CNY next year. So how lah? Get him to be back in Kay-el for the gathering hor....

We didnt bring Caden that night. So not to leave him out, after work the next day I let him played with the lantern. Hold on to the lantern only, this lil fella started to swing the lantern here and there happily. I was so scared coz there's a lighted candle in the lantern!!

Ooh in case you're wondering what the big brother is doing there. He's actually busy posing for his photo to be taken by Nicky.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Red

Was walking around Village Groccer at Sunway Giza when we spotted "little red". There's a box there for you to taste.

Tasted it and wow!! it's so so so sweet!

Basically, I'm fascinated by it. This tomato is really round and red. The best part is it is S.W.E.E.T.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I tweeted in my FB one fine Saturday evening that I'm gonna "indulge in lotsa essence tonite". Well what essence?

It's actually Essence @ Sheraton Imperial KL! :)

I did indulge in lotsa essence that night, oyster essence hehehe....

I was busy feeding Caden his porridge and hubby and mum took the above for me. After finishing the whole plate off, I'm too full to go for other food. I believe I ate close to a dozen oysters not to mention countless fresh juicy prawns!!

The other item I loike most is the earl grey ice-cream (the one brownish in color on the right). It's so full of earl grey aroma. Nice yummy nice!

We were given this treat plus to celebrate my aunt's birthday.

~ complimentary cake from Sheraton for birthday gal ~

Never disburse without a group photo eh...

Lotsa BLESSING to you :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

We held a mini celebration for Caden a week earlier from his actual birthday at my parent's house. Invitees were relatives and close friends. Blogged about his invite here.

The buntings were DIY :) Was surfing the net for favours ideas when I stumble upon this gem :) It makes life so much easier. Kudos to the creator and thanks for sharing!

Wat da ya think? Pretty neat huh...

I have one of my aunty asking me about this. She commented it was professionally done! Was totally surprised it was a DIY - purchase paper, print, cut and hang!! kekekekeke.....

Finally had my chance to try making marshmellow pops after reading about it here. She's such a creative and talented woman. It's easy to prepare, great for table deco around other foodies and was a great hit with the kiddos! :)

Alas, I was unable to get a moo-moo (cow) picture for the favours. Thus, settled for this cute chicky which is actually supposed to be a bookmark if you cut a slit on it. Another great site to explore, check out her artwork here.

~ Milk candy favours ~

Everything was up and ready and here we have the birthday boy waiting for the arrival of his guests. Getting "chor loh" this baby boy. Sit also like those tricycle uncle with one leg up! hehehe...

He has really grown. Sometimes I dont know where all the months went after giving birth to him. His character is different from his brother. This lil fella is very adventurous. He learn things by himself without much guidance. He surprises us when we saw him turning lower part of his body around to get down from the bed without guidance! Dared to take his first steps without any support or persuasion... Alright better snap out of it, getting emo oredy :)

We collected the birthday cake from Evelyn after breakfast that morning. My 2nd order from her, the 1st was for Cavan's birthday last year. It's moo-moo theme. Caden is born in the year of the golden cow so this fits perfectly.

Close-up shot of the details. Aint's they cuties?

Birthday boy and his first cake

Cutting his cake

Being cheeky

Being playful

My joyful cutie prince! :)

The following week on Caden's actual birthday which happens to be 2nd day of Raya, we were back to hubby's hometown where his paternal grandparents threw him a birthday dinner with some relatives and friends.

Back home it was time to unwrapped pressies received from his birthday bashs. There's board books, pop-up books, jigsaws, fire engine, shirts, etc..

~ Happy baby with his wonderful pressies ~


May you be bless with good health.

Keep on smiling! :)

* thanks to Alys for the close-up shots
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