Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chin's Birthday & Day Outing

We had a simple dinner at Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana on hubby's birthday. It was always on our list to try the food here so now we had and found it so so only.

On our way home, bought a slice of cake for the birthday boy to blow :)

Celebrated hubby's birthday again with the usual "Senior Citizen" gang. This time we headed up to Mentakab for lunch at Fook Kee Seafood Restaurant.

Some of the dishes are pre-ordered. We had steam herbal kampung chicken, fish head curry, braised shui-yu (soft shell turtle), sweet & sour pork amongst one or two more dishes. Ooh yah, it's sweet & sour prawns and one more vegetable which I forgot.

The portion was big but so are our eaters as we managed to finish 99% of it all! hahahaha.....

Next up, we had dessert. Birthday boy had cravings this year for durian thus the restaurant owner was so kind to pre-bought 3 cat mountain king (mou shan wong) for us. Small but it's packed full of flavour, hhmmmm just pure goodness!

We then headed to the Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah. Surprised to see that the parking was full, packed to the brim!

We had days earlier made reservation to get the tickets to be able to take part in the activities (elephant ride, etc..) Alas we were late thus we can only walk around.

Spotted 2 baby ellie. People were feeding them peanuts and water. Ellie's were more thirsty than hungry from the way they consumed the water. Standing near them, so scared they decide to shower us! hehehe....

The elephants were taken for a bath and visitors with the registered tickets are allowed to join them. But then we spotted some "dung" in the water.. yikes!!!

After having enough of ellies we headed back home but not before stopping at Yik Kee for tea and you forgot? we are out to celebrate hubby's birthday right so what else.....

Egg tarts and siew pau which dont look like a siew pau to me. Birthday boy even had a durian bomb! Just dont understand his cravings for durian this year! It's a puzzle....

We then had cupcakes!! Hubby was having a hard time getting the light off the candle coz when he blew it off the first round, it slowly but surely lighted back up again! hahahaha....

It was an interesting day out not to say all of us went home with a really full tummy. Hope that hubby enjoyed his birthday celebration this year.

ppsst...gee i really need to buck up on my blog posts. This is almost a month overdue!!


prince n princess mum said...

kuala gandah? no idea where it is.. ha!

life-muses said...

hello prince n princess mum. check out this site http://www.myelephants.org/ on Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Nearby to it, there's a deer farm which we have yet to explore.

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