Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometime back Cavan told me that he has a girlfriend name Ashley Wong. Yesterday, he suddenly announced that he had changed his girlfriend. The conversation goes like this :

Cavan : Mummy, today I change girlfriend already.
Me : Ooh, you got a new girlfriend. What's her name?
Cavan : It's Ashley Jade Leong. She's is like a baby like to cry, she's very cute! you know...
Me : Erm, what happen to the girlfriend last time? Her name is Ashley Wong right?
Cavan : Aiyah, now my girlfriend is Ashley Jade Leong lah...
Me : Mummy confused mah, your class got 3 Ashley right? So one is Ashley Wong, the other is Ashley Jade Leong, one more is Ashley what?
Cavan : Ashley Kong. She always kiss me!
Me : Whoa, she always kiss you. You dont like Ashley Kong?
Cavan : No, I like Ashley Jade Leong. She is my girlfriend.


I wonder if my future daughter in-law would be another Ashley..... hahahahaha


prince n princess mum said...

Wah!!!~ got gf d somemore.. haha!

Soulie said...

lol! so many ashley in his life right now

alamanda said...

they are very cute .... and very cheeky .. i am so lucky to be surrounded by children everyday :)

Merryn said...

Woooot! I didn't know you are a blogger! I remembered asking you and u said NO? yes? hmm.. haha....

ok ok.. let's see if Cavan will find his soulmate in da Studio instead :P

mom2ashleyaidan said...

hahahah! so cute!
He is quite taken with all the AShleys in the class eh? LOL!

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