Friday, August 13, 2010

Sports Carnival 3 July 2010

It was raining early early in the morning but by the time we made our way and arrived at Sunway Lagoon, the sky has cleared making way for the sun to peek out behind the clouds.

Held every 2 years, we are fortunate to be able to attend Cavan's kindy Sports Carnival (got to pay okay and it's not cheap!!).

Initially we didnt want to participate but then you see each time my boy comes home he will tell you stories about Sunway Lagoon, bring back brochure and say "we are going and it will be fun, i want to go see this see that bla bla bla, teacher say must go early la bla bla bla....." you get my gist?

So well as not to disappoint this eagerness in my boy although I told him there's clown there and you afraid/dislike them, how when you see them?? Woah, very bravely he will tell you I wont go near them, we go another way! *boink*

Thus here we are, waking up so early.......

There was warm-up to the song of Nobody by WonderGirls which the kiddos has been practicing day in day out. It was cute seeing them dance to it! and ooh boy, the teachers could really shake it up!! :)

Concurrent with telematches, there's sand castle building competition. We all "saja" take part hahaha.....

Below is a gig by the K2 kiddos. Forgot what song already since I'm only blogging about this 2 months late!

Telematches for Nursery to K2... here's one of the two that Cavan took part in. Something about to catch Fishes...

The haul of fishes which the kids managed to "catch" :)

catches of the day and a turtle too! hehe....

Red team in which Cavan is in got 2nd prize.... His first medal and a gift which is a set of badminton racket.

~ the winning team ~

Our entrance tix included a goodie bag and KFC lunch. There were extra goodie bags at the end which the teachers generously gave out to all the students. Lots of stuff inside and the best part is I like all the Scholastic books that were in it!

Overall, it was fun fun fun and kuddos to the teachers of P&J for all the hard work in organising this (not an easy feat handling kids!).

the teachers of P&J
(picture grabbed from P&J)

We continued enjoying Sunway Lagoon's facilities and went home in the evening dead tired and me? I got a really bad sunburn :(


prince n princess mum said...

Wow! Sports in sunway lagoon..

Soulie said...

the sports day looks fun! with all the prizes, freebies and activities maybe that's why it's not cheap hehe

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