Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sandy's Birthday @ Fish Farm Rest, Ulu Langat

We celebrated Sandy's birthday at Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in Ulu Langat. The journey there is long and is so unkown to us! We crossed towns, villages, went over hills and into a jungle!!

Long BUMPY and winding road into the restaurant!

Got tol somemore, RM2 for the BUMPY ride!
Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

We choose to sit outside and it was nice when there' breeze. They actually catch the fish from the pond to cook! Talk about real freshness, nothing beats this!

The grill pit. They even sells Thai snacks, fresh veges andfruit that washarvested on their own land just opposite the restaurant.

Hector was entertained by this goose which he nicknamed "ducky" :) This goose acts as the bodyguard of the entire restaurant. When she walk, she lift herself up high and mighty and very noisy too...

We ordered quite a number of dishes ranging from belacan stir fried paku, tomyam gung, salted egg prawns, grilled lamb, dunno what covered sotong, thai style steam fish, fried spinach and grilled sotong.

Hiew-san presenting to us the fried spinach

I lurve the fried spinach very much. Real crunchy!

Dino-Giap presenting to us "Ah Paul" the grilled sotong
*2010 World Cup just ended, everyone talking about Paul the octopus predicter

After much chomping and thomping in our mouth and can pat our now rounded tummy, we proceeded with what else, but cake blowing :)

The number of candles on the cake is short of 3 small candles!! hehehehe.....

Hector's Ultraman surrounding his mummy's cake and I just noted that the star on my hubby's shirt act like a "tiara" for the birthday girl! hehehe.....

Overall, we found the place nice. Food wise ok ok only, the tomyam was a real disappointment. There's no tomyam "kick" at all! Generally, we had too much of "Ah Paul" (if you noticed we had the dunno what covered sotong and grilled sotong which they gave too big a portion). Thus we need to lay off sotong/octopus for sometime now!!

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