Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pop Goes the Kettle!

Hubby went for a business trip to Manila, Philippines. The last time he was there 5-6 years ago? he brought back few packs of pork rinds (recommended by his colleagues there). Tried it amidst the guilt and found that I dont like the taste *lucky me!, if not more guilt!!*

This round he brought back popcorns!! besides the dry mangoes that I requested. The popcorns are tasty and nice. Even had different flavours!!

Now the next time whoever ask me what I want from Philippines, I will request for dry mangoes and popcorns! :)

popcorns and pork rinds

close-up of pork rind
surprisingly this tasted better then the last time he brought those home!
(maybe because it's garlic and vinegar flavour)

4 comments: said...

try dipping the pork thing in chilli+lemon. works all the time for my dad ! :-)


Lola said...

Do you not have popcorn in Malaysia? OMG, I should send you some!

life-muses said...

@Grace - hhmm, still dont really like eating these stuff, guilty and at the back of my mind its equates to FAT! hahahaha....

@Lola - ooh we do have popcorns here! Just that these pre-packaged type is not a common sight and I found them pretty tasty compared to those freshly pop! :)

Lola said...

Okay, good :o) We have microwave and stovetop popcorn, but us lazy Americans love the pre-popped, flavored stuff too ;o)

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