Monday, August 09, 2010

Oink! Oink! Feast

Oink! Oink! This is how a piggy would greet you :)

Alrite, remember I mentioned about my surprise #1? Not only I was given the usual appreciation letter, it was actually a letter to show appreciation as well as to give me a treat! :) I was given an amount to spent on. What a wonderful surprise! Just wished it was cash instead... but let's not get too greedy now. Got this treat is already a surprise itself!!

What I did was I invited my whole family along for the treat. Calculator was put to good use here hehehehe....

I chose ElCerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang as the venue as I want to experience the throwing plate thingy....

me and my "drunken" boy
the 1 pint of Hoegaarden is as big as his head!! no wonder he's "drunk"!

Appetizers and mains from
tapas, pasta, mini to foot long sausages, ribs, paella, frog legs, ham, etc etc..

But the * STAR * of the whole dinner was this.... “COCHINILLO AL ESTILO SEGOVIANO”. In other words - piglet! What's so special about this piglet? It's not your usual chinese roasted piglet. This piglet has been marinated in wine and is so soft that you dont need a knife to chop it up. Just use, you guess it right! a P.L.A.T.E.!!

we only ordered half piglet as you cant take that much for it's quite "jelak"

chopping ceremony

Before you start chopping, its tradition that you knock the plate on the wooden crate or table for 3 times to throw away bad luck then one direct chop to the piglet's body! After chopping it up, what happens? Well basically you want your good luck back, so depending on how you hold the plate positions, you now need to break the plate!

holding the plate :
3 and 9 o'clock indicate your wish for money
4 and 8 o'clock indicate your wish for love
guess what I wished for???

Family shot

Noticed the cake in the photo above? Well, my niece was going to turn 12 years old in a few days time, thus we took the opportunity to celebrate her birthday there as well!

Bought our own cake and ElCerdo took the liberty to decorate the cake with salt-rimmed tequila shotglasses that consists of ElCerdo's delectable digestive aka spirit, wine and juices. The two red shotglasses is for kids coz it's actually syrup :)

I lurve the birthday song they sang. It goes like this :

Happy Birthday to you *oink* *oink*
Happy Birthday to you *oink* *oink*
Happy Birthday to you... *oink* *oink*
Happy Birthday to you!!
Oink! Oink!

Cheers!! Here to good times ahead!

ppsst... take me home with you oink! oink!

And this is the lil elcerdo piggy that my niece got as a memorablia....


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