Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lotus Desaru

When I hear Lotus group, mamak stall always springs to mind! Well this Lotus Desaru is the same management as those Lotus mamak if I got my facts right. This property was refurbished and located in southern part.

It's the mid year school break season. Last year we went to Cherating and I was heavily pregnant with Caden then. This year saw us heading South to Lotus Desaru, Johor with my baby in tow! :). The Leong family was with us so is my kiddo's god-ma.

The property is huge! with clubhouse, swimming pool, recreation centre and has 6? apartment blocks and I especially like the lawn spread out in front of the coffeehouse leading to the beach...

We brought Caden to the kids pool after checking-in. Isnt he a handsome baby? hehehe...

The lawn and beach area.... very shady and windy....

chubby cute hand and fingers playing with a coal he found,
practicing on his pincher grip

Caden crawled on nature's ground here. The lawn has japanese grass thus it's nice to lie down on it and enjoy the breeze and lulled of the sea waves.

Brothers playing together with their god-ma caught playing trucks!! :p

Dry swimming, god-ma's way of trying to keep Caden from crawling everywhere! hehehehe.... and Cavan had a fun time covering up daddy with sand.

Happy baby enjoying his beach outing..... my boy has grown and as I'm typing this, he's close to 1 year old in less than 1 months time!!

Basically, the journey to Lotus Desaru took 4-5 hours. Finding good makan spot prove difficult as the property is located deep inside and the nearest village for chinese food is 30-45 mins away. Roads are truly dark for most part of the way.

Also no doubt it's seaside but there's no fresh coconut sellers in sight along the way! Overall, it's a nice resort to spend your time fully in the resort and relax.


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