Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've Splurge!!

I was working over one of the weekends in July because my Company's reception area tiles needed a complete change as the tiles raised up.

There's pro and cons working in a shopping mall. Whenever there's sales you'll be the first in line to get there or know but at the end it's your pocket that has the damage!

Due to dust and noise, Im left with no choice but to wonder around the malls and there's this boutique that "called" me in. I went in and one of the item attracted me. Went to check it out and the salesperson told me it's on 50% now. 50%!! and I thought I heard it wrong as it was only a few weeks back that I went into this same boutique and the sales was only 30%!

And since (so many reasons/excuses huh?) the current one that I'm having is starting to flake it's skin and 50% is a rare number to get from this boutique as far as I'm concern, I decided there and then that I'm gonna have it!

And sooooo......... I got it and loving it every minute of the day!! :)

The leather smells good! :)


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