Monday, August 09, 2010

Creative Work by Master Cavan

My dear Cavan,

Today (26 July 2010) poh-poh called and told me you used a real hammer and hammered our dear faithful fridge. You were very creative to use your Ben10 stickers to cover up all those dents hoping to get away with this action? I want to scold you but at the same time found it amusing as you were "creative" and "brilliant" enough to use stickers to cover it up as tho it's just one of your activity in "decorating" our fridge.

I give you credit for this "creativity" but please please please fuel your creativity into something else and not damaging our good running equipments whenever you feel bored and wanted to try something new and different!!

Now, we are stuck with this "creativity" of yours on our fridge.....

Please remember our warning to you and we hope not to see anymore of these encounters from you.

your dear mummy

our fridge, nothing unusual about it right??

let's zoom to the bottom part...

zoom in somemore, what are those stickers doing there??

peel a few off and voila! our new "deco" on our fridge - dents and more dents!! courtesy of Master Cavan

This is only part of it, in total we have 9 dents and scratches here and there...

*re-post from my FB notes


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