Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme Day : Fruits & Vegetables

We opted for fruit. Can you guess what is this??

Is my sewing that bad??? Were you able to guess it better with this view?

No? ermmm.... Well it's the KING of fruit ~ a Durian hat!! I've used felt to wrap one of Cavan's hat and sew it on, spikes and all.... Pretty rough work but well....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mum & Opa Wim's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Mum and Opa Wim's Birthday at Waterlily Balinese Bistro. Just makan makan and chit chat over dinner....

We occupied a really long table! The bistro quite packed that night too. It shows that KL people are not poor nor stingy when it comes to food.

Each couple shared a platter as the portion is quite big. We also ordered a few side dishes for sharing.

I had my chance of trying the Eis Campur. Found that it has too heavy coconut taste and quite "jelak" as well.

It was a nice gathering eating again!! hahaha.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sandy's Birthday @ Fish Farm Rest, Ulu Langat

We celebrated Sandy's birthday at Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in Ulu Langat. The journey there is long and is so unkown to us! We crossed towns, villages, went over hills and into a jungle!!

Long BUMPY and winding road into the restaurant!

Got tol somemore, RM2 for the BUMPY ride!
Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

We choose to sit outside and it was nice when there' breeze. They actually catch the fish from the pond to cook! Talk about real freshness, nothing beats this!

The grill pit. They even sells Thai snacks, fresh veges andfruit that washarvested on their own land just opposite the restaurant.

Hector was entertained by this goose which he nicknamed "ducky" :) This goose acts as the bodyguard of the entire restaurant. When she walk, she lift herself up high and mighty and very noisy too...

We ordered quite a number of dishes ranging from belacan stir fried paku, tomyam gung, salted egg prawns, grilled lamb, dunno what covered sotong, thai style steam fish, fried spinach and grilled sotong.

Hiew-san presenting to us the fried spinach

I lurve the fried spinach very much. Real crunchy!

Dino-Giap presenting to us "Ah Paul" the grilled sotong
*2010 World Cup just ended, everyone talking about Paul the octopus predicter

After much chomping and thomping in our mouth and can pat our now rounded tummy, we proceeded with what else, but cake blowing :)

The number of candles on the cake is short of 3 small candles!! hehehehe.....

Hector's Ultraman surrounding his mummy's cake and I just noted that the star on my hubby's shirt act like a "tiara" for the birthday girl! hehehe.....

Overall, we found the place nice. Food wise ok ok only, the tomyam was a real disappointment. There's no tomyam "kick" at all! Generally, we had too much of "Ah Paul" (if you noticed we had the dunno what covered sotong and grilled sotong which they gave too big a portion). Thus we need to lay off sotong/octopus for sometime now!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Caden is turning 1 year old!

I'm still not done with updating my blog posts but I really really loike this, not to say that I've spent more than 2 hours on it (alright I had "interruptions" in between...) *-*

Can't believe that my baby is gonna be 1 year old next month! I sometimes wonder where all the months went since giving birth to him!! We will be having a really really small birthday party for him a week earlier from his actual day.

We didnt have any full moon celebration in KL for my relatives and our friends. Thus, this time I'm only inviting my relatives and close friends over for an afternoon tea. Too bad that I got to omit extending the invitation to my malay relatives as it is still Bulan Ramadhan :( Dinner celebration which also happen to be the 2nd day of Hari Raya for Caden turning one will be at hubby's hometown with paternal relatives on his actual birthday.

Right! now that the invite has been sent out, I hope most of my relatives and friends are able to make it. I got menu to decide now.....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sports Carnival 3 July 2010

It was raining early early in the morning but by the time we made our way and arrived at Sunway Lagoon, the sky has cleared making way for the sun to peek out behind the clouds.

Held every 2 years, we are fortunate to be able to attend Cavan's kindy Sports Carnival (got to pay okay and it's not cheap!!).

Initially we didnt want to participate but then you see each time my boy comes home he will tell you stories about Sunway Lagoon, bring back brochure and say "we are going and it will be fun, i want to go see this see that bla bla bla, teacher say must go early la bla bla bla....." you get my gist?

So well as not to disappoint this eagerness in my boy although I told him there's clown there and you afraid/dislike them, how when you see them?? Woah, very bravely he will tell you I wont go near them, we go another way! *boink*

Thus here we are, waking up so early.......

There was warm-up to the song of Nobody by WonderGirls which the kiddos has been practicing day in day out. It was cute seeing them dance to it! and ooh boy, the teachers could really shake it up!! :)

Concurrent with telematches, there's sand castle building competition. We all "saja" take part hahaha.....

Below is a gig by the K2 kiddos. Forgot what song already since I'm only blogging about this 2 months late!

Telematches for Nursery to K2... here's one of the two that Cavan took part in. Something about to catch Fishes...

The haul of fishes which the kids managed to "catch" :)

catches of the day and a turtle too! hehe....

Red team in which Cavan is in got 2nd prize.... His first medal and a gift which is a set of badminton racket.

~ the winning team ~

Our entrance tix included a goodie bag and KFC lunch. There were extra goodie bags at the end which the teachers generously gave out to all the students. Lots of stuff inside and the best part is I like all the Scholastic books that were in it!

Overall, it was fun fun fun and kuddos to the teachers of P&J for all the hard work in organising this (not an easy feat handling kids!).

the teachers of P&J
(picture grabbed from P&J)

We continued enjoying Sunway Lagoon's facilities and went home in the evening dead tired and me? I got a really bad sunburn :(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This year I did not join hubby in attending Father's Day at Cavan's kindy. Was busy at work. According to hubby, the activities are almost similar to past year.

These are some of the photos I grab from what hubby took...

overview of the class
kiddos getting ready to do some activity with the dads

rows of colourful and pretty umbrella cupcakes

NOW, this is a real cupcake decorated with jam and colourful sprinkles

Ohh, the real cupcake was "decorated" together with daddy and packaged to be brought home for consumption. Pretty umbrella cupcake was made in class beforehand as a souvenior. Nice! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've Splurge!!

I was working over one of the weekends in July because my Company's reception area tiles needed a complete change as the tiles raised up.

There's pro and cons working in a shopping mall. Whenever there's sales you'll be the first in line to get there or know but at the end it's your pocket that has the damage!

Due to dust and noise, Im left with no choice but to wonder around the malls and there's this boutique that "called" me in. I went in and one of the item attracted me. Went to check it out and the salesperson told me it's on 50% now. 50%!! and I thought I heard it wrong as it was only a few weeks back that I went into this same boutique and the sales was only 30%!

And since (so many reasons/excuses huh?) the current one that I'm having is starting to flake it's skin and 50% is a rare number to get from this boutique as far as I'm concern, I decided there and then that I'm gonna have it!

And sooooo......... I got it and loving it every minute of the day!! :)

The leather smells good! :)

Pop Goes the Kettle!

Hubby went for a business trip to Manila, Philippines. The last time he was there 5-6 years ago? he brought back few packs of pork rinds (recommended by his colleagues there). Tried it amidst the guilt and found that I dont like the taste *lucky me!, if not more guilt!!*

This round he brought back popcorns!! besides the dry mangoes that I requested. The popcorns are tasty and nice. Even had different flavours!!

Now the next time whoever ask me what I want from Philippines, I will request for dry mangoes and popcorns! :)

popcorns and pork rinds

close-up of pork rind
surprisingly this tasted better then the last time he brought those home!
(maybe because it's garlic and vinegar flavour)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daikon aka Chinese Radish Cake

The last 2 months when I was on leave and had additional radish at home, I decided to try my hand at making daikon, one of my favourite "must have" when I'm having dimsum.

Shredded radish (drained off liquid), dry shrimps, oyster sauce and I forgot what else I put in there! This is the effect of blogging 2 months late!!!

Mix the rice flour into it and put it to steam. 30 mins (was it this timing? watever...) voila! daikon is ready.

Can be eaten steamed (back picture) or fried (front picture). It's easy to make but the recipe need to be improved on further. Until the next cooking/baking bug hit me, this will do for now....

Teacher's Day 2010

In all my busy-ness at work cum lazy-ness at home, we were quite last minute in preparing Teacher's Day gift this year.

Just bought a herb plant for Cavan's class teacher and practically force that boy to write his own card which produces not a very good result. Then my dear boy said he wanted to give one to his chinese class teacher as well and that made me went from one shop to another to get another herb plant but things just dont sell it when I want it!! At the end, we just settled for a heart shaped box of chocolates for his chinese class teacher.

Last year I had more oomph!! I baked them cupcakes!! This year it's a sad story. How to pick those lazy bugs away??

Lotus Desaru

When I hear Lotus group, mamak stall always springs to mind! Well this Lotus Desaru is the same management as those Lotus mamak if I got my facts right. This property was refurbished and located in southern part.

It's the mid year school break season. Last year we went to Cherating and I was heavily pregnant with Caden then. This year saw us heading South to Lotus Desaru, Johor with my baby in tow! :). The Leong family was with us so is my kiddo's god-ma.

The property is huge! with clubhouse, swimming pool, recreation centre and has 6? apartment blocks and I especially like the lawn spread out in front of the coffeehouse leading to the beach...

We brought Caden to the kids pool after checking-in. Isnt he a handsome baby? hehehe...

The lawn and beach area.... very shady and windy....

chubby cute hand and fingers playing with a coal he found,
practicing on his pincher grip

Caden crawled on nature's ground here. The lawn has japanese grass thus it's nice to lie down on it and enjoy the breeze and lulled of the sea waves.

Brothers playing together with their god-ma caught playing trucks!! :p

Dry swimming, god-ma's way of trying to keep Caden from crawling everywhere! hehehehe.... and Cavan had a fun time covering up daddy with sand.

Happy baby enjoying his beach outing..... my boy has grown and as I'm typing this, he's close to 1 year old in less than 1 months time!!

Basically, the journey to Lotus Desaru took 4-5 hours. Finding good makan spot prove difficult as the property is located deep inside and the nearest village for chinese food is 30-45 mins away. Roads are truly dark for most part of the way.

Also no doubt it's seaside but there's no fresh coconut sellers in sight along the way! Overall, it's a nice resort to spend your time fully in the resort and relax.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Creative Work by Master Cavan

My dear Cavan,

Today (26 July 2010) poh-poh called and told me you used a real hammer and hammered our dear faithful fridge. You were very creative to use your Ben10 stickers to cover up all those dents hoping to get away with this action? I want to scold you but at the same time found it amusing as you were "creative" and "brilliant" enough to use stickers to cover it up as tho it's just one of your activity in "decorating" our fridge.

I give you credit for this "creativity" but please please please fuel your creativity into something else and not damaging our good running equipments whenever you feel bored and wanted to try something new and different!!

Now, we are stuck with this "creativity" of yours on our fridge.....

Please remember our warning to you and we hope not to see anymore of these encounters from you.

your dear mummy

our fridge, nothing unusual about it right??

let's zoom to the bottom part...

zoom in somemore, what are those stickers doing there??

peel a few off and voila! our new "deco" on our fridge - dents and more dents!! courtesy of Master Cavan

This is only part of it, in total we have 9 dents and scratches here and there...

*re-post from my FB notes
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