Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Birthday Celebration with a "s" ~ celebrations!

I was terribly busy this year in the month of May 2010 with a major meeting event for the Company I work with in early part of the month. Lucky for me things started to slow down right before my birthday. Good thing the event didnt clash with my birthdate!! hehehe...

I was working on my special day and my colleagues treated me lunch and also had a 'mini' celebration in the Conference Room! hahaha....

After work, went home and pick-up my kiddos and mum for dinner at Waterlily Bistro @ Mutiara Damansara. Between the 3 of us, we order a salad, appetiser and main to share and had a hard time finishing off the food!

Waterlily Bistro @ Mutiara Damansara
~ nasi campur, waterlily trio and sotong salad ~

Back home, my kiddos gave me a cake. Birthday is not birthday without a cake in Cavan's definition. So there must be a cake no matter what size it is :)

End of May, I was out on a kids free shopping day with my friend and little did I know, they gave me a surprise birthday lunch! So sweet of them. And I was totally shocked and surprised! Never expected it at all. They did a good cover up! Even hubby was involved in it.....

There you go, this was how I celebrated my birthday this year. Not once but many times! I'm truly blessed :)


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