Thursday, June 03, 2010

Salmon Laksa

I had the privilege to try this Salmon Laksa made by Alicia's boyfriend.

First time I hear about this laksa so first time I'm tasting it :) It's a bit sourish and not spicy at all. The noodle used is fettucine and this bowl comes with fresh slices of salmon!!

Best eaten with pipping hot soup! :)

salmon laksa

Yum-yum, thanks to both of them for sharing.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Roti Paun

We check ourselves in, into this Hailam Kopitiam at The Strand, Kota Damansara for tea.

Ordered our drinks and I was slowly going through their menu when I spotted this "Roti Paun", a Kuala Terengganu specialty.

~ our drinks ~
hailam roasted coffee, lime with plum and ice lemon tea

roti paun with kaya

The description got me to want to try it out and indeed it was not a disapointment at all. RM2.50 for 4 small buns with delicious kaya. Eat it warm and it almost melt in your mouth!


Roti paun (little bun) is the toasted small rectangle bread loaf that is make up from 4 little buns. This little toasted bun goes well with margarine, butter or kaya (home made coconut jam)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Salmon Fish Head Noodle

We went to Bandar Puteri Puchong last Friday being a public holiday (Wesak Day). Two intentions visiting Puchong : 1st is to "cari makan" as hubby said there are a lot of varities there and he tried one of two shops with his colleagues during lunch. 2nd is to visit my friend Christine who just gave birth to a baby boy.

1st off, we arrived and rounded the area checking out the shops. Ooh my, indeed there's a lot of places to eat and I noted that majority of it was dimsum shops!

We decided (well, I decided since hubby ate here before) to try this Restaurant Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head (opposite Axian Dim Sum). As the name suggests, the fish is Salmon Fish. You can choose Cod Fish or even Fresh Prawns if you like and pay the price accordingly :)

There's snacks that you can order : homemade sotong balls, fried salmon belly, sesame prawn on toast, etc..

We ordered homemade sotong balls for Cavan (shown below)

RM8.90 for 8 balls
(one taken out to show you the "inside" below)

indeed there's sotong bits inside

Hubby had the Salmon Fish Head with Fish Paste, thin noodles whereas I opted for Salmon Fish Head, thick noodles.

salmon fish head with paste

salmon fish head
note the different noodle texture?

Look what I digged up that made the broth special...

yam bits in the soup
here i've place the yam strip on top of the salmon head

Definitely can visit this eatery again and try out the other fishes and snacks.
Contented with our brunch, we proceeded to visit my friend and see her cute baby boy.

Mission Accomplished!!
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