Friday, May 28, 2010

Whirlwind May!

I always love the month of May :)

This year it's been a whirlwind for me. Extremely busy that when I finally can take a breather, only a week left of May for me to enjoy.

I was busy with work since mid of April-10 when things started to take shape for a company meeting. Lotsa email everyday, lotsa changes, amendments and the most challenging part is piecing it all together while getting request which changes at an incredible rate!

The meeting saw 115+ Account Managers from Asia-9 countries (MY, SG, THL, TWN, VTN, HKG, KR, IND, PHL + IN) converging at The Gardens Hotel & Residences for 3 full days. Besides arranging accommodation and meeting venue (which saw lots of movements each day for different sessions), dinner has to be arranged, professional moderator & trainer to source and a special guest speaker.

Not only this meeting, I had another two more smaller meetings to arrange which sort of interlink with this big meeting back-to-back. This is where the puzzle and challenge came in.

Phew.. lots of work and this is in addition of my routine work which took a backseat. We managed to contact our guest speaker who wrote the book "Journey to Space". You know who? Dont know, then just look at the photo :)

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia's 1st astronaut
with Shelly and me

It has been a hair tearing challenging meeting to arrange. The hours put in was not in vain as am glad that the meeting went on without any major hiccups!! I even got not one but two surprises at the end!!

The souvenirs that I bagged home :) - notebook, collar pin, personalied copy of Journey to Space, pewter melon teapot, appreciation letter from MD (not shown here ~ surprise #1) and precious moments figurine (from my ex-boss who is heading a different team now ~ surprise #2)

personalised from Mr. Astronaut himself!

and oohh I still have his mobile number kekekekeke....

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