Saturday, May 22, 2010

Theme Day : Insects

Cavan's kindy had another theme day and this time it's all about Insects.

1st thing that struck me was, he's going as a spider since he was telling me that he wanted to become a spiderman. Lugged his daddy to draw a spider for him to "wear" but our dear boy insisted on getting gloves, costume etc.. ie. the real thing lah!

The spider we did drew. Showed him and he was not satisfied (kids really do have their own mind even at age 4!!) Clock ticking and we still do not have anything for his theme day. At the office, got Alicia to helped me draw a nice spidey (she helped me on the tiger mask for the previous theme day). Alas, big spidey template is hard to come-by. Instead we found some online coloring-in insects template and decided to do puppet sticks for him.

Back at home, Cavan decided to draw the insects himself. One minute he wants spider, the next he wants grasshopper (talk about being fickle minded hehehe...) Drew he did and this is his artwork, a grasshopper :

cutie grasshopper

What do you think? I find it not bad actually! Previously he only used to doodle but nowadays can see what he's actually drawing :)

Cavan's grasshopper and insects puppets

I only helped him to cut out the drawing and used a black marker and trace the sides and the other details that Cavan drew.


alamanda said...

spiders and webs and grasshoppers they will want it all .. cute grasshopper la

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