Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mother's Day at Kindy

7 May 2010 ~ no matter how busy I am in the office, I make it a point to attend Mother's Day Celebration at Cavan's kindy. Work can wait but a kids eagerness to have you there celebrating it cant!

Cavan was asking me again and again making sure that I'll attend. Rest assured that I would not miss it my dear boy.

The celebration started with the children lining up. The theme this year is for the kids to reflect their lives from birth till now. Heck, they even showed the children a short video on a baby being delivered with blood and all!! And here some parents are so conservative or protective not letting kids see these kind of videos when here I stood there amazed and awe that they showed it to the kids!! And the kids, there were in awed hahahaha.....

After some singing on their school songs and dedication to mothers, we went to their class and did craft work with them. Last year also the same activities but different craft we did.


sweet cupcake :)
this cupcake was made by Cavan earlier and presented to me during the craft work

on the left is the craft we did together which is now on my fridge
basically I just helped him glued it on, he designed the whole thing
what does it look like to you?


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