Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loi's Birthday @ WIP

WIP Bangsar

We all gathered again this time to celebrate Loi's birthday at an upclass outlet in Bangsar :)

Caden was in a jolly happy mood. He was smiling, cooing and being his cheeky self while in Aunty Sandy's hand as shown in the photos. In fact the wrinkled-up nose smile was a recent act of his. Mum spotted him doing it the day before our "Seniors" gathering and I'm glad we captured it for him to see later years :)

Everyone of them had an individual serving except for me and hubby where we choose to share a platter of chicken espetada; traditional portugese meat skewers marinated with garlic, laurel leaves, rock salt and charboiled to perfection which is served with potatoes, vegetables of the day and 2 choices of sauce. We choose garlic and chef's sauce of the day which I forgot what it was.

When our platter arrives, the chicken meat was hanging on skewers. The oohhs and aahhss begin and after getting out of our "daze" only the cameras started to click. By then the waitress has gone way past the mid length of the skewer! :) After our meal, the birthday cake was brought out.

our birthday boy ~ Yew Loi

WIP's waiter and waitress joined us as we sang the birthday song and we noted that they took out their own camera and snap us all. Later we know their reason ~ they churned out an instant group photo of us for the birthday boy to keep! *sweet*

** part of the pictures courtesy of Loi
** almost forgot about posting this up, the pics was sitting in my thumbdrive for over a month!!


Sandy said...

Just look at Caden's face.. aiyoh.. really melt my heart


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