Thursday, May 27, 2010

Im-promptu Mother's Day Celebration

Had a surprise and im-promptu mother's day celebration this year.

I was actually working the afternoon of 9 May 2010 when my niece called and told me that they will cook "something" for us mothers (my mum, my sil, and me), thus no need to go out and eat. Werk werk werk and by evening headed home. Once arrived, I saw the BBQ pit all set and ready.

Aaahhh, we are going to have BBQ!! :)

It was a lovely im-promptu mother's day celebration at home with my family members. The food was just nice to fill our tummy (we didnt have a 2nd chance of drumstick at all mind you coz the organiser bought the stuff "ngam ngam hor" only kekekeke).

Thanks to my brother, nephew and niece even my SIL who went and bought the stuff and prepared it all. My part is just to eat when I arrive home coz I was working mah :p
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