Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bento Trail #14

Bento #44 (pasta mania ~ 18 May 2010)

fried shell pasta with french beans, corn and carrots served with tomatoes

Bento #45 (mama mia! ~ 19 May 2010)

croissant with turkey ham on a bed of lettuce and cucumber

Bento #46 (d'sara mixed rice ~ 21 May 2010)

furikake covered rice served with roasted drumstick and stir fried french beans


prince n princess mum said...


alamanda said...

i can see that u are becoming a very good cook ... how about a kids bento cook book ? i mean why not ....?
it will give young other young mums like urself ideas ..... imagine hao much u could make on a book .. seriuosly .. do that when uve had enough of working life hah

life-muses said...

@prince n princess mum - i do hope it's yummy enough for my boy hahahah :) thanks!

life-muses said...

@alamanda - wah publish a book?? am way way far off from that lah. my bento is not very interesting (i got pattern if you notice, always the same old thing! hahaha. other mothers make it much more nicer. i only take short cut way but thanks for the compliment *-*

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