Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bento Trail #11 and #12

Bento #35 (fingers snack ~ 20 Apr 2010)

sausage on a bed of fish fritters with sungold tomatoes

Bento #36 (chinoz rice ~ 21 Apr 2010)

fried rice with fish cake, fresh mushrooms and french beans

Bento #37 (going japanese ~ 23 Apr 2010)

ebikko and sweet corns sushi, with sausages and tomatoes

This was a special request from Cavan and am glad the turn out was okay! hehehe...

Bento #38 (chinoz rice ~ 27 Apr 2010)

fried rice with french beans, carrots and fish balls

*we bought the fish balls fresh from the fishmonger near Morib beach

Bento #39 (simple dimple ~ 28 Apr 2010)

steam corn cob, raisin bun and sausages

Bento #40 (pasta mania ~ 30 Apr 2010)

fried shell pastas with succulents prawns and corns


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