Friday, May 28, 2010

Whirlwind May!

I always love the month of May :)

This year it's been a whirlwind for me. Extremely busy that when I finally can take a breather, only a week left of May for me to enjoy.

I was busy with work since mid of April-10 when things started to take shape for a company meeting. Lotsa email everyday, lotsa changes, amendments and the most challenging part is piecing it all together while getting request which changes at an incredible rate!

The meeting saw 115+ Account Managers from Asia-9 countries (MY, SG, THL, TWN, VTN, HKG, KR, IND, PHL + IN) converging at The Gardens Hotel & Residences for 3 full days. Besides arranging accommodation and meeting venue (which saw lots of movements each day for different sessions), dinner has to be arranged, professional moderator & trainer to source and a special guest speaker.

Not only this meeting, I had another two more smaller meetings to arrange which sort of interlink with this big meeting back-to-back. This is where the puzzle and challenge came in.

Phew.. lots of work and this is in addition of my routine work which took a backseat. We managed to contact our guest speaker who wrote the book "Journey to Space". You know who? Dont know, then just look at the photo :)

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia's 1st astronaut
with Shelly and me

It has been a hair tearing challenging meeting to arrange. The hours put in was not in vain as am glad that the meeting went on without any major hiccups!! I even got not one but two surprises at the end!!

The souvenirs that I bagged home :) - notebook, collar pin, personalied copy of Journey to Space, pewter melon teapot, appreciation letter from MD (not shown here ~ surprise #1) and precious moments figurine (from my ex-boss who is heading a different team now ~ surprise #2)

personalised from Mr. Astronaut himself!

and oohh I still have his mobile number kekekekeke....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Im-promptu Mother's Day Celebration

Had a surprise and im-promptu mother's day celebration this year.

I was actually working the afternoon of 9 May 2010 when my niece called and told me that they will cook "something" for us mothers (my mum, my sil, and me), thus no need to go out and eat. Werk werk werk and by evening headed home. Once arrived, I saw the BBQ pit all set and ready.

Aaahhh, we are going to have BBQ!! :)

It was a lovely im-promptu mother's day celebration at home with my family members. The food was just nice to fill our tummy (we didnt have a 2nd chance of drumstick at all mind you coz the organiser bought the stuff "ngam ngam hor" only kekekeke).

Thanks to my brother, nephew and niece even my SIL who went and bought the stuff and prepared it all. My part is just to eat when I arrive home coz I was working mah :p

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

See the picture below and what comes to mind? (yah yah the blog title already give it away :p)

Toy Story 3

Cant wait to see these new characters :


cutie trio

Mr Pricklepants

cute prickly hedgie

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

come and get ur hug! *-*

Nuffnang is giving out invites to watch this. Best part is, it will be in 3D!!

Even if I cant get the invites, its nice having them here on my blog! hahaha...

Mother's Day at Kindy

7 May 2010 ~ no matter how busy I am in the office, I make it a point to attend Mother's Day Celebration at Cavan's kindy. Work can wait but a kids eagerness to have you there celebrating it cant!

Cavan was asking me again and again making sure that I'll attend. Rest assured that I would not miss it my dear boy.

The celebration started with the children lining up. The theme this year is for the kids to reflect their lives from birth till now. Heck, they even showed the children a short video on a baby being delivered with blood and all!! And here some parents are so conservative or protective not letting kids see these kind of videos when here I stood there amazed and awe that they showed it to the kids!! And the kids, there were in awed hahahaha.....

After some singing on their school songs and dedication to mothers, we went to their class and did craft work with them. Last year also the same activities but different craft we did.


sweet cupcake :)
this cupcake was made by Cavan earlier and presented to me during the craft work

on the left is the craft we did together which is now on my fridge
basically I just helped him glued it on, he designed the whole thing
what does it look like to you?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad Labour Day!

On Labour Day we went back to hubby's hometown for dinner with my in-laws, our usual routine every 2 weeks or so.

Sad to say that my brand new bumper which is barely a month old after the incident with the oil tanker got "bumped into" A.G.A.I.N. This time by a drunken motorcyclist who claimed that we didnt stop our car when we already had our signal on and almost coming to a stop to park our car!!! What a frustrating nite! Lost my appetite the whole night!!

The worst part is our law does not side us the car driver when a motorcyclist hit us. Instead if you want to claim insurance, we have to use our own NCB. What the heck!.....

And ooh for the record, I'm not the one driving this time :p

Bento Trail #14

Bento #44 (pasta mania ~ 18 May 2010)

fried shell pasta with french beans, corn and carrots served with tomatoes

Bento #45 (mama mia! ~ 19 May 2010)

croissant with turkey ham on a bed of lettuce and cucumber

Bento #46 (d'sara mixed rice ~ 21 May 2010)

furikake covered rice served with roasted drumstick and stir fried french beans

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fly Kite

Hubby bought a kite at Serdang when he was out lunching with his colleague. It was a steal at the price he got for the size as we were told that the same size is selling around RM15 onwards.

One fine Sunday evening we went to fly kite. Alas, not much wind that evening (just after a shower of rain). Only managed to get the kite up for a short while.

up up and away....

~ ROAR ~
close view of the kite

ppsst.... the kite is only RM5!! you tell me now good price or not!

Bento Trail #13

Finally getting to post bentos for the month of May! :)

Bento #41 (goin burgers ~ 4 May 2010)

chicken ramly burger with tomatoes

Bento #42 (simple dimple ~ 5 May 2010)

corn cob, raisin bun and penquin sausages

Bento #43 (rice ala chinoz ~ 7 May 2010)

fried rice with fish cakes, mushrooms, corn and egg

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bento Trail #11 and #12

Bento #35 (fingers snack ~ 20 Apr 2010)

sausage on a bed of fish fritters with sungold tomatoes

Bento #36 (chinoz rice ~ 21 Apr 2010)

fried rice with fish cake, fresh mushrooms and french beans

Bento #37 (going japanese ~ 23 Apr 2010)

ebikko and sweet corns sushi, with sausages and tomatoes

This was a special request from Cavan and am glad the turn out was okay! hehehe...

Bento #38 (chinoz rice ~ 27 Apr 2010)

fried rice with french beans, carrots and fish balls

*we bought the fish balls fresh from the fishmonger near Morib beach

Bento #39 (simple dimple ~ 28 Apr 2010)

steam corn cob, raisin bun and sausages

Bento #40 (pasta mania ~ 30 Apr 2010)

fried shell pastas with succulents prawns and corns

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Theme Day : Insects

Cavan's kindy had another theme day and this time it's all about Insects.

1st thing that struck me was, he's going as a spider since he was telling me that he wanted to become a spiderman. Lugged his daddy to draw a spider for him to "wear" but our dear boy insisted on getting gloves, costume etc.. ie. the real thing lah!

The spider we did drew. Showed him and he was not satisfied (kids really do have their own mind even at age 4!!) Clock ticking and we still do not have anything for his theme day. At the office, got Alicia to helped me draw a nice spidey (she helped me on the tiger mask for the previous theme day). Alas, big spidey template is hard to come-by. Instead we found some online coloring-in insects template and decided to do puppet sticks for him.

Back at home, Cavan decided to draw the insects himself. One minute he wants spider, the next he wants grasshopper (talk about being fickle minded hehehe...) Drew he did and this is his artwork, a grasshopper :

cutie grasshopper

What do you think? I find it not bad actually! Previously he only used to doodle but nowadays can see what he's actually drawing :)

Cavan's grasshopper and insects puppets

I only helped him to cut out the drawing and used a black marker and trace the sides and the other details that Cavan drew.

Bento Trail #10

Still at the month of April-10 bentos....

Bento #32 (simple & nice ~ 13 Apr 2010)

toasted cheese farm shaped sandwich, sausage and light sponge cake

Bento #33 (pasta mania ~ 14 Apr 2010)

fried pasta and crystal pear as dessert

Bento #34 (land & sea ~ 16 Apr 2010)

fried fish fingers with hard boil egg

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bento Trail #9

Bento #29 (pasta mania ~ 6 Apr 2010)

fried pasta with fresh mushrooms served with
sungold tomoatoes and japanese cucumber

Bento #30 (going french! ~ 7 Apr 2010)

french beans omelette with sausages

Bento # 31 (sweet & salty mixture ~ 9 Apr 2010)

sausages, hard boil egg and light sponge cake

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loi's Birthday @ WIP

WIP Bangsar

We all gathered again this time to celebrate Loi's birthday at an upclass outlet in Bangsar :)

Caden was in a jolly happy mood. He was smiling, cooing and being his cheeky self while in Aunty Sandy's hand as shown in the photos. In fact the wrinkled-up nose smile was a recent act of his. Mum spotted him doing it the day before our "Seniors" gathering and I'm glad we captured it for him to see later years :)

Everyone of them had an individual serving except for me and hubby where we choose to share a platter of chicken espetada; traditional portugese meat skewers marinated with garlic, laurel leaves, rock salt and charboiled to perfection which is served with potatoes, vegetables of the day and 2 choices of sauce. We choose garlic and chef's sauce of the day which I forgot what it was.

When our platter arrives, the chicken meat was hanging on skewers. The oohhs and aahhss begin and after getting out of our "daze" only the cameras started to click. By then the waitress has gone way past the mid length of the skewer! :) After our meal, the birthday cake was brought out.

our birthday boy ~ Yew Loi

WIP's waiter and waitress joined us as we sang the birthday song and we noted that they took out their own camera and snap us all. Later we know their reason ~ they churned out an instant group photo of us for the birthday boy to keep! *sweet*

** part of the pictures courtesy of Loi
** almost forgot about posting this up, the pics was sitting in my thumbdrive for over a month!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On this day, xx years ago I was born into this family. A loving caring and I dare say, quite close knitted :)

Had a great day today. Been getting lots of wishes on my phone and Facebook wall from family and friends, near and far dropping lovely wishes. THANK YOU so much.

More details later... Now, I need to go and thank each and everyone that wish me :)

Bento Trail #8

Past bento's made for Cavan, continuing where I left off....

Bento #26 (cheesy frens ~ 30 Mar 2010)

cheese sandwich with banana and vitagen
does it spell H.E.A.L.T.H.Y?

Bento #27 (spaghetti ala chinoz ~ 31 Mar 2010)

fried spaghetti with fishcakes and mushroom
strawberries as dessert

Bento #28 (chinoz rice ~ 2 Apr 2010)

bear head shaped rice

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am still A.L.I.V.E.

Yep I'm still around. Just been rather very very busy the past month (didnt even realised that I stopped blogging a month ago!!) co-ordinating a company event.

Err, actually not ONE but a THREE in ONE event which was back to back!! Can I even say it's back to back literally? coz it was sort of linked together...

Whatever, the puzzle has been solved and I cant wait to hit back my blogging mode!!

Stay tune!! :)
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