Monday, April 19, 2010

Road Safety Adventure 4x4

Brought Cavan to The Weld for a "Road Safety Adventure 4x4" conducted by Road Safety Marshall Club (RSMC) to educate children on road safety. Hector and family joined us there.

A long track for remote control 4x4 was built and we were totally impressed with the details and effort put into constructing the model.

Cavan trying his hand at controlling his 4x4. Totally enjoyed maneuvering his car across bridges, crossroads, junction, roundabout, etc..

Lastly off course happy when he gets a small token for his effort!!

Shaking hands with a Road Safety Marshall

Hot Air Balloons, Putrajaya 2010

Aiks, I've been ignoring my blog! This was done half way and then left alone as I was and still am busy with my work. Anyway, this post is about balloons, big bIG balloons! :)

Nope, Sponge Bob Square Pants was not the reason I woke up extra extra early on a weekend to travel all the way to see!! :p

Up and above is more like it. Yep we went to the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloons!! Gave it a miss last year as I was just recovering from morning sickness (with Caden then) thus avoid large crowd.

It was totally awesome. The only downside was that I was not able to get into one and ride my way up up and awaaaayyyyy!!!! :)

Pretty lucky for us that hubby managed to get into the photographer's only section. Apparently those guarding the "gate" only allowed those that holds large cameras ie. SLR. Those holding "kicimai" small cameras are not allowed. Left me and Cavan standing at the "gate". We were not dismayed tho as when those balloons flew up, we have a great time admiring it and snapping picture on our own! hehehehe....

Rows of balloons ready for take-off......

Dunno what it's called but this is an important equipment for without this, the balloon will not be able to fly.....

My favourite photo of the day..... father and son enjoying each other's company!!

Definitely will try to go for Hot Air Balloons next year if they hold it again and Caden is big enough to enjoy it.

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