Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference?
(and no it's not my mum!)

Well, have you or have you not spotted the difference and wonder why my mum is laughing??


The story behind the pic and laughter ~

Cavan gave Caden the balloon which to our surprised Caden held it tightly. Mum got our attention and we found it cute of him holding the balloon and thus out came the camera.

Took a shot and found the setting is wrong. As it was SLR that we grabbed, we needed to adjust the setting. When we are ready for the 2nd shot, mum was laughing loudly. It wasnt until after we shot the 2nd picture that we realised what's my mum was laughing at!!

So have you spotted it??
Yep! Caden is no longer holding the balloon with his fingers but with his TOES!! All of us had no idea how he ended up getting his toes to hold the balloon! hehehehe.....


Grace said...

took me a while, but yes i spotted it (before reading the answer at the bottom of the post). amazing!

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